February Monthly Musing

 Hey friends. Happy Thursday and last Thursday of the month. I am linking up today with  Patty and Holly for monthly musing. This months theme is Surviving the Winter Months.

1- What do you do in the winter that brings you joy?

Family game and movie nights, curl up by the fire and reading, watching the snow fall (from inside my warm house). I love the winter but I am not much for going out in the cold. 

2- How do you stay warm and cozy?

Curl up with my pink leopard blanket by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. 

3- What are you looking forward to this winter?

Taking the kids sledding. We had one day where we had enough snow and the temps weren't below freezing that the kids were able to go out and enjoy the snow and go sledding on the hill in our backyard/neighborhood playground. 

We haven't had any snow that has been able to use to build a snow man. 

4- Favorite wintertime activities?

Staying inside, staying warm, reading, and enjoying a fire.

5- Favorite months of winter?

January normally has the most snow (I think) and weather to be able to enjoy actual winter even though it is the longest month ever. 

6- Favorite dishes to make in winter?

Give me all the soups and chilis. This week I made slow cooker tomato sausage tortellini soup

7- Gas or wood burning fireplace?

We have a wood burning fireplace. I love the noise and the ambiance and the warmth you get from it. I think if we had a gas fireplace we would use it more (minus the gas bill)

8- Favorite winter hot beverage?

I love a good cup of tea but I have found that if I drink tea after 3, even if it says decaf, I don't sleep well. `

I always love a hot cup of coffee in the morning

My other go to is a "hot chocolate" but instead of using hot chocolate mix I have been using chocolate protein powder. 

9- Favorite winter movies?

Anything and everything on Hallmark.

10- How do you stay healthy in the winter?

My kids have been sick with what feels like everything all winter. Minus getting the stomach bug (which how do you avoid that when your taking care of sick kids) I have been healthy. I have been getting sleep, drinking all the water, moving my body when I can, and drinking Activate C everyday which I get from my wellness box. 

Are you ready for spring?

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  1. Yes to drinking water and taking vitamins- I have been strict about that this year too

    1. With ever sickness that seems to be going around right now it is the least we can do to try and stay healthy

  2. I love pretty much anything on Hallmark, too! I just love corny romance movies, much to the irritation of my teens.

    1. It drives Brian nuts that every Hallmark storyline is about the same.

  3. I miss taking the kids sledding! I also enjoy the long, cold days of January, preferably with a possibility of snow. If I am outdoors, in need to be MOVING!!

  4. I need to drink more water! And I love a good sledding day but we haven't had the snow for it this winter.

  5. As much as I dont love winter, I do love that it's soup season!

    1. I could eat soup all year but we really only have it in the fall and winter


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