Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey friends. Happy Tuesday. How was your weekend? Mine did not go anywhere as planned, a lot of cancelled plans exchanged for cuddles. I know I probably sound like a broken record but I am over this years sickness. For the past two weeks I have had one if not two kids home sick everyday with the flu. This week my kids have a short 4 day week and a long weekend. They are off Friday for a teacher development day and off Monday for Presidents day. I am getting ahead of myself. Lets take a look back at this past weekend. 


The morning started off normal. Up at 6 to get Ella up and ready for school and out the door. Austin's alarm went off at 7 and got him up and started getting ready for school. During that time Austin was still not feeling well and had a powerful cough that was "distracting" that he kept needing to blow his nose or get a drink. I decided to keep him home another day.

I got S that morning to take her to school. 

After taking S to school Austin, Anna and I went home to relax. Anna requested someone play with her so I played some games with her. I look over and Austin was napping. It was a quick 5 minute nap then he woke up and played games with Anna took. Memory, Frozen Trouble edition, and another Frozen game are her favorites right now.

When it was time to pick up S from preschool I asked for Brian to be home so I didn't have to take the kids with me. When I get back from picking up S, both Anna and Austin are napping. I knew Austin wasn't feeling 100% if he is still napping trying to fight the flu.

S and I hung out in the office making some crafts and coloring. It was also gorgeous outside so we spent some time outside. She played with chalk, tried to jump rope, and played with the balls. 

I sat on the porch and looked down in the dirt and saw the top of a plastic bag. I just thought that it was garbage from all the wind this year. (this area has been weeded numerous times, trees dug up, bushes planted, and area rototilled) I pull out the bag and find this Jesus and God upside down in the dirt. We have come to find out it is a Catholic tradition to plant a Jesus head down in the dirt facing the house when selling a house, but you are suppose to remove it after it is sold. 

Anna ended up having a fever again, she was doing better, just ultra whiny and huggy. Brian had poker night with the boys. Anna, Austin and I spent the night at home just relaxing and had early bedtimes. 


I slept in a little after a little rough night with Anna. 

I talked to my dad who mentioned he turned off the heat and opened the doors with temps being in the 50. I opened ours and went out on the back patio. I saw some deer in the woods so I went back in and grabbed them a bucket of feed. I fed them and sat outside with Anna for a few minutes until it started to rain. As the day progressed it got colder. 

A mix breakfast of biscuit with jam, blueberries, a cookie and scrambled eggs. 

Brian took Austin to his basketball game. Anna wasn't feeling the best so I stayed home with her and we cuddled and played games. 

And watched some Disney movies.

I made chili for the week with her help. 

Got a little work done with her still having to touch me. 

Brian and Austin drove down to Columbus to watch the boys Ohio State Basketball game. They won with two over times. Then Austin got to go on the court and try and make a basket. He did good compared to his basketball they do a lower hoop. 

Anna did some coloring while I cleaned up the kitchen. She is loving these silicone mats from His Kids Company. Your color with either a dry erase marker or washable marker. Then wet it to erase it and color again. 

While Anna took a nap earlier I took a shower. I let my hair air dry then straightened it. Anna laid in my bed watching the tablet because she wouldn't let me be out of her sight. She also complained that I took way to long. 

My delicious dinner. Chickpea Turkey Chili


Anna had another rough night and we were up at 630. She wanted to go downstairs and watch tv. She was also running a fever so that determined we weren't going to church. We also decided to let Austin sleep after a long day. He didn't wake up until 9, which he is normally my early riser. 

Since we weren't going to church Brian wanted bacon, we bake our bacon which is thick cut and it takes about 40 minutes. While it was cooking Anna suckered him into playing games with him. 

Austin also requested pancakes with the bacon. 

The rest of Sunday was pretty low key. I had to run to the store for a few things and to get Ella playdoh that she needed for school the next day and failed to tell me in advance. And yes we have a bought of play doh around the house but it is all mixed and she said it had to be one color. 

Brian and Austin went to our neighbors for the summer bowl as Anna and I stayed home. I argued with Anna but got the TV to be able to watch it, most importantly the half time show. Anna ended up falling asleep before it started and I accidently woke her up, opps. She also woke up with a 101.5 fever again. I swear I am never going to catch a break. 

My opinion on the half time show. I love Usher, especially old school Usher. I felt like the first half was kinda slow and blah. I don't know what was going on with Usher and Alicia Keys touchy feely. Once Lil Jon and Ludacris came out it was amazing. 

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  1. That Catholic tradition is actually St. Joseph and it worked for us! :)

    1. that's awesome the Catholic tradition worked for you. It is all new to me thanks for correcting me.


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