Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey friends. How was your weekend? I can confidently say we are all currently healthy, had a great weekend, and I am excited for the week ahead. It was a catch up on so many things kind of weekend that I didn't take many pictures. 


The morning started off with getting the kids off to school. I was watching S and Brian was at home. I dropped S off at school then headed to Target to pick up a last minute birthday gift. I first swung by Starbucks to get a half off drink, I had a coupon in my email that said " We missed you" guess it had been a while since I had gotten Starbucks. 

After shopping I went home and got Anna ready to go to an IEP meeting for her. Anna got approved to have speech therapy at our local elementary school for 90 minutes a month, which breaks down to 30 minutes once a week give or take. Now I have to get her completely enrolled in the school to start the process. 

After the meeting we dropped Brian off at home then went to pick S up from preschool. Home to eat a quick lunch, then took Anna to preschool. This was the first time in a few weeks that she had been to school between being sick, and her rash from an allergic reaction to amoxicillin. They were happy to have her back.

My wellness box came. I love that I ordered on Wednesday and got it on Friday. We needed more hand soap and disinfectant with everyone being sick. 

The girls I watch had a joint birthday party at a gymnastics open gym. It was over an hour of non stop kids running around having fun. 

Austin was having so much fun he didn't want to leave. We got home around 830, and they were ready for bed. I put them to bed then headed over my girlfriends for a glass of wine. (Don't worry Brian was home with the kids) 


The original plan was to go to the farmers market. I had planned this earlier in the week. The weather had changed and now the temps were only in the teens and I wasn't in the mood to bundle up to go. Instead we decided to stay home. 

From being sick and Brian doing another remodel project in the house, the house needed a good cleaning. Anna had toys on the main floor that beloved upstairs and downstairs. Laundry needed folded. I spent half the day organizing the main floor toys and cleaning up. I also deep cleaned all our humidifiers and diffusers. 

Anna found her make-up kit that she got for Christmas. It was put up in the office where she couldn't reach it. With the remodel Brian had brought it down and she found it. Isn't she gorgeous. I have no problem with her wanting to do make-up. I just hate the glitter because it is so hard to get off and always ends up in her eyes. 

Brian and the kids went across the street to hang out with our neighbors. We hadn't seen them in a few weeks with everyone being sick. The kids had fun playing together for a few hours. They decided to order Barrio to go for dinner. I never say no to tacos. 

After dinner I headed to ladies night with some neighborhood ladies. We had wine and fondue night. It was a fun evening with lots of laughs.  


Brian got up early and went to work on redoing out office. He wanted to finish sanding the drywall before we went to church.

I slept in until 730 then got up and got myself ready for church. Then got the kids ready and ate something. I have learned to get myself ready before anything else if we want to not be rushing out the door to church.

After church it was back to cleaning. The house needed swept and dusted for the drywall dust. Anna got the new Disney Princess Matching game and we played it a few times also. (he last one got thrown away when she was sick) 

For dinner we were hosting Brian's mom's birthday dinner. Brian made everything, I just helped clean and prep. It ended up being a wonderful evening with delicious food. Everyone was gone by 7 then it was bath time, bedtime story and bed. 

We had a great weekend. I am ready for "fingers crossed" our first normal week in a while. 

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  1. Wishing you a great week! Can't wait to read all about your home improvements- exciting!

    1. thanks. home improvements stress me out when they are happening but i love when they are done

  2. Haha she honestly might be better at make-up than me.


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