What Brought Me Joy February

 Hey friends. February is coming to an end and boy I am ready for a new month and a restart. February was full of sickness. Before we jump into a new month I want to share a few things that brought me joy in February even with all the negatives, I still find the joy. 


For some unknown reason my mother has had this sweatshirt of Ella's that is from 7 years ago. Ella saw it and asked for it back. Then insisted that it would still fit her. Shockingly she was able to put it on and off. We had previously cut the neck bigger when she didn't have an issue with her head. 

Brian and Austin went to a OSU basketball game and a Cavs game this month. He is getting spoiled and loving every second of it. 

The hand holding with interlaced fingers. Anna has been the sweetest and wanting to hold hands while she is sitting next to/on top of me with our fingers interlaced. 

Austin requested to go to the library to get books, not just play on the computers and with the toys. He picked out a few truck books to read and a couple Minecraft books. 

Austin finished out this season of basketball. I am thankful I was able to make it to two of his four games with all the sickness in our house. He learned a lot, grew a lot, and is excited for next year, minus that the hoops go from 8 feet to 10 feet. 

Games and Fun

Anna is loving coloring on these silicone placemats from His Kids Company. You can color with washable or dry erase markers, run it under water and wash it away and color again. 

Anna got a new matching game (the last one got thrown away when she got sick on it). This one is all princesses or their sidekicks. I would say it is a little harder because there will be two different Snow White scenes and you have to remember which one is which, but we are still loving it. 

  • A new pillow. Brian had been having trouble sleeping and kept complaining that his neck was stiff. We had bought or received probably 5 pillows since November, none of which he liked. A girl I follow on Instagram shared awhile ago about a pillow she is loving but the pillow was $60 and I wasn't ready to bit the bullet on the price. It ended up being on sale for buy one get one free, and an additional % off. I ended up playing $55 for two pillows. Brian got one pillow and I took the other. They are so comfortable and amazing. Brian and I are both sleeping better with this pillow. We got the Sutera Dream Deep Pillow 

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  1. Loved hearing about your month. I'm definitely going to check out that pillow!


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