What We Ate Week 6

 Hey friends. If you have been following along I have been sharing what we have been eating each week. Our life has been crazy with sick kids lately and then my kids decided so nicely to share the stomach flu with me over the weekend. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, pray we are getting over everything and we are good for the rest of the year. Here's what we ate last week at least the ones who ate. 


Sunday morning with a child running a fever means no church, calls for baking bacon and pancakes. 

Monday eggs with sourdough bread and a few blueberries

Tuesday and Wednesday half of a custard filled paczki and eggs. 

Thursday- Bacon egg and cheese on a homemade sourdough bagel, that looks like a pretzel. 


Chili with a BLT sandwich

Chili with sourdough toast. All week my lunches were chili either a sandwich or toast. 


Sunday- It was super bowl Sunday. I was home with a sick princess so I didn't get to go to the party. I had leftover Chili. 

Wednesday- Heart shaped tortilla pizza with pizza sauce dipping sauce

Thursday- leftovers

Friday- local fish fry

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