What We Ate Week 7

 Hey friends. Last week started with the worst of the stomach bug. By the end of the week we all have been feeling back to normal. (finally) With all the sickness in the house our meals have been off and some nights different meals have been made based on how each person was feeling. 

I did take a full kitchen inventory. My number one tip this week to save money on your grocery bill is to EAT WHAT YOU HAVE ON HAND. An unorganized fridge, freezer, and pantry can be causing you to waste food and buy duplicates of what you already have.

Keeping stock of your fridge, freezer, and pantry takes time but is worth it, especially when you are trying to save money on your grocery bill. When making your meal plan use what you have that is going to expire first before it goes to waste. Some nights may be leftovers or a throw together random meal. Every little bit helps to save on your grocery bill.

When you start keeping inventory and mark off what you have eaten as you go it makes meal planning easier, less food waste, and saves you money. Based on what we had on hand it what we ate for the week. 


The first half of the week I wasn't feeling the greatest so I just had a piece of sourdough bread with butter or jelly. 

I batch made a bunch of sour dough English muffins and waffles. I left a few out and put all the rest in the freezer to thaw when desired. 

English muffin with jelly, egg with potatoes. 


Monday night was leftover pasta with Italian sausage that Brian had made the night before. 

Tuesday was Costco chicken with a sausage (think orange chicken but spicy) and we just had it with bread.

Wednesday- chicken tacos

Thursday- bbq chicken sandwiches with diced potatoes

Friday- Kids birthday party had pizza

Saturday- dinner with neighbors ordered Barrio to go. 

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