March Monthly Musing

 Hey friends. Happy Thursday and last Thursday of the month. I am linking up today with  Patty and Holly for monthly musing. This months theme is Spring Fashion. I am far from a fashionista. My wardrobe doesn't change to much but lets talk spring fashion. 

1- What is your go to spring outfit?

Our matching dresses are from a few years ago from Old Navy. I think Anna and myself still fir in ours, but Ella does not. I enjoy matching with them while they still let me. 

2- Favorite spring fashion piece

 I am eyeballing this dress from Old Navy right now. 

3- Do you change your handbag with spring?

I recently just switched to the Michelle tote from Glass and Ladder company. I have been using it to carry all the things from my laptop to drinks, to entertainment for my kids at church.

If I am just running Anna to school or going grocery shopping I will just carry my Dooney and Burke Disney wallet.  

4- When do you bring out your open toe shoes?

Any time the temps are above 60 and not raining.

5- Favorite spring scents?

I am not a big scents girl. But I love a coconut candle that makes you feel like your on vacation.

6- White after Easter, Memorial Day, or heck whenever I want?

After Memorial Day

7- Favorite ways to add spring to your wardrobe when the weather is not quote cooperating?

My spring has more to do with temps. If the weather is not cooperating, then I am still in winter mode.

8- Do you change your make-up routine for spring?


9- How do you transition your wardrobe for spring?

The only big difference it switching from heavier to lighter coats, wearing more capri's, and different shoes. 

10- Favorite spring accessories/jewelry? 

I am not a big jewelry or accessory girl. 

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  1. Oh I really like that bag. Thank you for introducing me to that brand. Thanks for joining Monthly Musings too!

  2. That is so sweet that you and your daughters wore matching dresses.

  3. A coconut candle would make me think I was on a tropical beach, with a pina colada in my hand!


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