Weekend Wrap Up First of March

 Hey friends. Happy March. Last week we finally had a normal week, the first one of 2024. It has been crazy year with sickness going around our house, random days off school for ice or negative temperatures, and just hectic. I got much needed alone time, got into a good routine again, and a Costco run. Even with the disarray of our house currently with a remodeling project I feel less stressed. I am linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday, on a Tuesday for a weekend wrap up.


Friday started off with picking up Ella from her dads, then stupid drivers who made us get home later normal but thankfully I give us extra time for days like this so she still gets to the bus stop on time. Brian made yummy eggs for breakfast with a side of some blueberries and sourdough bread with avocado and ETBTB seasoning (not pictured)

Before school Austin helped Brian paint a little of the office. 

Anna also wanted to help with the painting too. She is barely holding on to the roller, Brian is really doing the work. She didn't last long but at least she an say she helped. 

Austin and Ella were off to school, Brian was off to work, then I started laundry and the monthly cleaning - coffee pot and dish washer. (still need to do bedsheets and clean vacuum) 

Day 5 of working out this week. I had only worked out one other day this whole month and boy did my body feel it from the aches and pains. It felt good to move my body. I switched up workouts for me from Pilates, The ladies edge, cycle rides, and random weights. 

I am doing a decluttering challenge in March. My goal is to get rid of 3 items a day. I saved the list from January that Simplified with Emily Ley posted. Each day is a different area. If I don't find 3 items from that days challenge area I will pick another random area in the house to get rid of 3 things. Day 1 was jeans, that turned into me going through all my pants and shorts. I did start going through my jeans in January, but didn't do the rest of my pants. I got rid of a few things then and got rid of 11 more now. (time for the truth, I only did day one so far, I am playing catch-up today)

After school we went with our church to the Cleveland Monsters Hockey game. It was Anna's first game and we had a blast, even if the Monster's didn't win. 

She was all about getting her face painted. 

and a tattoo, which turned out to be the Cavs logo and not the Monsters logo. She still loved it and is still showing everyone her tattoo that she got from a Monsters. (no a monster didn't put it on her it is just cute the way she is describing it).

Anna also made Ella get her face painted too. 

It was a late night and we didn't get home until after 10. Then it was pajamas and bedtime for everyone. 


Even with a late night Anna and Austin were up before 6am. Austin is able to watch tv in his room and Anna just crawled in bed with him until they both got hungry around 7. Brian got them something then woke up Ella to go to my cousin's bakery and get donuts. 

Monkey see monkey do. Ella saw that I was going through my close so she started to go through her clothes too.

I was laying on the couch alone, everyone else was doing something else and I turned on a Christmas Hallmark movie that I am trying to finish. This cutie comes to join me then gets loud and starts playing. I lost the tv. We hugged and both took a nap. I had a headache and was trying to get rid of it. 

I woke up and still had a headache. I went upstairs and laid down in bed for a few minutes and put some Pain - A - Trate on my head. Withiin 10 minutes I was feeling better. I get this from my wellness box. 

Ella had gift cards and money burning a hole in her pocket from Christmas and her birthday (which was in October). We went to a threw thrift stores, Ulta, Dollar Tree. and Target.

We get home and Brian informs us that the neighbors are coming over in 15 minutes to hang out. We hadn't even had dinner yet. I made grilled cheese quickly and straightened up the house. It was another late night with 6 kids, 3 bottles of wine, and a half bottle of Bourbon. 


After a late night I ended up sleeping in and didn't get up until 840. If we were going to church we would have to leave in 10 minutes That didn't happen as Brian and the kids were not ready. Instead I did some cleaning around the house, and went grocery shopping, switching it up for the week. A family in our neighborhood infant son had surgery and we are doing a meal train for the family. I signed up for Monday and wanted to get what we needed. 

I also grabbed a new plant (the one in the blue pot). I ran into Dollar Tree and bought a bigger pot to replant it in. The cup behind the blue pot I got last year for mother's Day. I thought I killed it (well most of it I did) but there was a branch off it that was thriving that I replanted. Then planter behind the Happy Easter bunnies I got for Valentine's Day. 

After lunch I invited 3 girls over who's brother just had surgery. Each girl is the same as as one of my kids so they each had a playmate. They played for 6 hours nicely together, and the neighbors across the street were over too. Our house is turning into the kid hangout again and I am loving it. 

For dinner I made a whole chicken in the instant pot, that I borrowed from my mother in law. We had red skin mash potatoes, gravy, mix veggies, and a salad. I saved the bones to make bone broth in too. 

While making dinner I also made salads for Brian and I for Monday's lunch. There is cucumber, tomato, black beans, corn, chicken, hard boiled eggs that I did in the air fryer, and lettuce. 

After dinner it was baths, hair brushing, bedtime stories, and bed. Anna was asleep by 8, it was a long day for her and all the fresh air. 

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