What Brought Me Joy in March

 Hey friends. This month has been a good month, compared to the last two. There has been sunshine, rain, snow, and NO sick kids. Easter, Spring Break, and the dreaded Eclipse is right around the corner. I know some of you are like what do you mean dreaded eclipse, we live in the direct line of the full eclipse. They are expecting 500,000 if not more extra people in the area that day. They are recommending locals stay home, get gas, groceries, etc the week before. They are even having doctors riding along in police cars to help with medical aid. (it is a big druggy day I guess too) Previous years at previous locations traffic and getting medical assistant to where it is needed has been a major issue so the cities are trying to prepare in advance. 

I went off topic lets just into what brought me Joy in March. 


Family night out to watch the Cleveland Monster's Hockey game. We went with our church and it was Anna's first time to a hockey game. Even though we didn't win we still had a good time. 

Ella and I had some mother daughter time. She had gift cards burning a hole in her pocket. Target and Ulta, this girl wears more expensive make-up than I do (that also have more toxins but we are working on that). 

Brian and I had our first date night of the year. We started at a brewery for a beer and appetizer, then headed to Yard House for dinner. 

Lots of fun with our neighbors this month including getting together for brunch which included green mimosas. 

Games and Fun

It has been a weird March in Northern Ohio. We have had random days with temps in the 70s. We took full advantage of it and had friends over on the trampoline. I also watched my niece who is 3 for the first time along with my girlfriends daughter. So two 4 year olds and one 3 year old. They surprisingly got along pretty good. 


With the crazy weather I have been getting headaches a lot. Instead of taking something I have been putting pain-a-trate above my eyebrows, or the back of my nape to help. It has worked so well. I get it in my wellness box

I bought this purse last month from Glass and co. It is the large Michelle tote. It hopes two 40oz tumblers, the inside in waterproof, and has a separate sleeve for a laptop. 

I have actually used it quite a bit with going to church, to my parents house, to the office with Brian, and working out of my car while Anna is in therapy. 


What brought you Joy this month?

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