10 Things That Happened Over Spring Break

 Hey friends. My kids Spring Break is over. We had an extra day yesterday with the Eclipse yesterday. We were in line or totality and it was a huge deal out here. I will be sharing all about the Eclipse on Thursday. 

Overall the weather over Spring Break was cold, rainy, and dreary. Not spring feeling at all. We stayed home this year instead of going on a mini road trip because of the weather. The weather wasn't cooperative to go anywhere outside with random pop up showers and cold temps. Anywhere inside was crazy busy with parents going nuts with kids home for break and looking for something to do. My girlfriend took her kids to the Natural History Museum and there was no parking in the normal garage and inside was crazy busy they only stay a few minutes. I am not a big fan of crowds so the thought of that just gives me anxiety. 

-     There was lots of puzzles put together numerous times. For Easter Austin and Anna got 4 different puzzles from His Kids Company. The puzzles are each 100 pieces and the best quality. The pieces and boxes are made of thick cardboard and easy to put together. 
-    We spent lots of time with our neighbor friends.

-    Sibling sleepovers. If you give Anna the choice she will sleep with Ella or Austin. Most of break her and Austin slept in her bed. Ella did let her sleep in her bed once. 

-    Charcuterie board lunches
-    We baked bread, bagels, and banana muffins.
-    Way to much time on electronics at least they were playing together. 

-    Anna and Austin had a sleepover at Grandma's
-    Ella had a sleepover at her cousin Claudia's house.

-    Ella, Brian and myself had a dinner date at The Cheesecake Factory
-    They experienced the total eclipse. 

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