Easter Recap 2024

 Hey friends. How was your Easter? I hope you had a wonderful day with loved ones and remembering why we celebrate Easter, because He has risen. This year we had planned a very low key Easter, had no intentions of hosting, just spending time with family and friends. We wanted and needed a weekend of rest. Well others decided to take it upon themselves and volunteer us to host and told us at the last minute. Said family members discussed it among themselves and assumes the other one would tell the other, but no one told Brian and myself until the morning of. We had to change some plans but it worked out.... Let's recap


The morning started off with Brian at our church helping decorate. They needed someone who was willing to carry and climb a big ladder to help hang the Easter decorations. Brian admitted this was the tallest ladder he has ever been on but it wasn't that bad and they got it done.

We had lunch at the Berea American Legion to see the Easter bunny. There were a few craft areas set up for the kids, and this cute ski ball game for the kids also. 

It was not as easy as Anna made it look. 

Anna was nervous to visit the Easter bunny this year. She also pointed out that she could see the bunny's arms in the costume and was concerned. Ella and Austin cheered her up. 

Austin showed Anna there was nothing to be worried about and went up with no problem. 

We got her up there but she wanted to hid her face. 

Another mom stepped in and helped get Anna to smile and show us her beautiful dress. (it really takes a village) 

After lunch with the Easter bunny we came home to dye Easter eggs, relax, clean (not planned), and a quick visit with our neighbors/friends. (which was suppose to be a longer relaxing evening with them. 

We had Brian's family over for Easter the kids did a little Easter egg hunt, got baskets, and we had dinner. 

The kids had fun and were behaved. (yes Anna wore 3 different dresses in one day) 


The Easter bunny came, these wouldn't fit in the baskets or their hiding spots. 

They are all looking around to find their baskets that are hidden somewhere in the house. 

Anna found her under the desk in the office. 

Ella's was in the washer. This is the look of really I looked everywhere 5 times and she didn't find it until we played the hot cold game with it.

Austin's basket was behind the chair covered in balloons that were left over from hosting my niece's birthday a few weeks ago.

Austin got light for his bike, a jump rope, two puzzles and some odds and ends. 

Anna got Uno princess, a jump rope, two puzzles and some odds and ends. 

Ella got a Taylor Swift pencil bag, mad libs, jump rope and odds and ends. 

We all made it to church. (Ella doesn't always go) Even my parents, Brian's aunt, and his mom showed up too. 

After church we relaxed some. Anna dug out the Christmas nativity puzzle that she wanted to do. The puzzles are from His Kids Company. They were one sale buy three get one free, hence why we have four and one is Christmas. I am loving the quality of these puzzles. The cardboard is so thick that it is easy to put the pieces together and they don't slide apart. The boxes are also durable to last. The puzzles are ages 5 up but Anna is loving them with help. 

My parents offered to host Easter this year because we wanted/needed a break. I made the cutest bunny sourdough bread. We went to my parents for a few hours, the kids halfway behaved, we had delicious dinner, and I made carrot cake for dessert. 

After my parents our neighbors was having an open door Easter with a bunch of friends. We got there at the end of it. It was a nice ending to the night with the kids using up all their energy, a few glasses of wine, and some great conversation. 

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