Eclipse Totality

 Hey friends. I have been talking about it, and dreading it for the past few months. Today I am sharing all about the Eclipse. I live in Northern Ohio, by Cleveland and we were in the line of totality. So many places were closed, schools were cancelled for the day, locals were told to stay home in preparation for the crazy number of travelers that were expected in the area. Before Spring break my kids were all send home with special eclipse glasses and we picked some up from our library also. We prepared to not have to go anywhere all weekend. I did my grocery shopping on the Wednesday before to last a week and a half so I didn't have to worry about going to the store. We also filled our gas tanks on Friday so we didn't have to worry about getting gas. Both of these were suggestions from others as well.

I was skeptical of the hype before it all began. Now that it is over I am shocked and it was so surreal. If you have never experienced it, it really is hard to explain. Videos and photos do not do it any justice. The physical feeling of things changing. In a 10 minute time frame temps dropped 10 degrees and you notice it the kids went from running around in barely anything to covered up with blankets. Where we were you had a 360 degree sunrise all around you during the total darkness, like you could never imagine. 
It it hard to put into words the beauty, the wonder, the mystery. The kids excitement when they saw the moon over the sun while wearing their glasses, to the gasps, ohhs and ahh and wow when you were able to take the glasses off for those 3 minutes. 
There wasn't the craziness of traffic or high medical emergencies that were expected. Minus trying to find burgers, hot dogs, and buns on the day before because it felt like everyone was staying home, staying safe and cooking out. This I blame on the guys who plan things at the last minute.

Now how our day went. 

The guys morning started at 5am, they had to heat the "oven" for the pig roast they planned. Here is the oven they made out of cinder blocks. They had the fire on the outside and put hot coats on the inside. We tested this out of Friday night with beer can chickens and they were the best moist chicken ever. 

Brian had left at 6am to get donuts for breakfast, they also made bacon on a cast iron skillet while cooking the pig also. 

The kids were all excited for the day and ended up at our neighbors house by 8am ready to play. We ended up being there for 12 hours and each kid had 3 changes of clothes between playing in the mud and it getting up to 76 degrees outside. 

The parents all hung out it was like we were camping sitting by the fire. 

Say hello to Peppa. While she was cooking we had hot dogs and smash burgers for lunch. 

All of the boys ended up with their shirts off (and sunscreen on) as they played in the yard, swinging, and bounce houses. 

I think at one time there were 8 kids on the saucer swing all having a blast. 

We are ready for totality. 

Ella's dad got her special eclipse glasses that go over her glasses so she could see. 

After totallity the pig was ready to eat. 

It was so delicious and pull apart. But there was a lot of meat. Even with over 40 people half the pig was left. 

Overall it was a great day. We ended up trying fresh Chesapeake Oster's that came from family that drove in for the eclipse. Brian and Ella successfully ate one each. Austin and myself ending up gagging on them. I couldn't do the slimy texture and my Oster was huge . I also can't do slimy eggs. 

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