Mother's Day Gift Ideas

 Hey loves. It is hard to believe Mother's Day is right around the corner, less than a month away on Sunday May 12th.  Mother's Day includes all the moms. From human moms to dog moms, to adoptive moms to aunts who act like moms to men who are also the mom figure etc. It is a day to celebrate those who have helped raise you to who you are today. 

For mother's day we like to host a brunch for both of families, friends, and neighbors too. Usually it is pretty chilly so we are inside. I get to relax and Brian takes care of everything. This year I think the plan is for me to pick up Ella, take the kids to church and come home to a delicious brunch and clean house. Let's be honest I will do all the cleaning before Sunday. 

I feel like A LOT of gift guides for Moms are so over prices or things that I don't know of any mom who would want that. I remember looking at an influencers Mother's Day gift guide and every item was over $100 and most of $300. That is wonderful if you are able to afford that and spoil the mom's in your life but I don't feel like that is realistic. Here are realistic, affordable (for most people) gift ideas. 

Gift ideas

  • Hanging basket flowers, or plants for the yard
  • book or cookbook you love 
  • house plant
  • a babysitter for a date night or just alone time
  • a gift card to buy what they want (amazon or target are always wonderful)
  • stemless wine glasses
  • simple necklace like a heart, initial, or cross 
  • kids make something
What do you get for mothers day and/or give your mom?

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