Indians Game

Not everyday am I treated like a princess and given the royal treatment. Today was the exception. Had an amazing wonderful day off with my boyfriend, Brian and his family.
Twelve members of my boyfriends family including myself were given suite tickets to see the Cleveland Indians game. We made it an awesome early birthday present for Brians father. 
The suite came stocked with two small fridges stocked. One with pop and water, the other one with all different brands of beer. You could have one wild party if you really wanted to. There was also hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza. All of which were generously provided by the suite owners. 
The weather outside was perfect in the mid 70s with a slight breeze. The game had a lot of action and the Indians WON. What more could you ask for. 
Oh I almost forgot the part about being a princess. There were attendants at all the doors, hallways, and elevators that lead you to the suite, whom which held open the doors for you and greated you with a smile. 
Lastly, we had VIP parking that was attached the the upper terrance of the stadium. You didnt have to deal with traffic, waiting in line, dealing with scalpers... It was an awesome once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget

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