Fair animals

This week is the Lorain County Fair. I talked my boyfriend into going up there with me and bother girls on the hottest day of the week, but atleast it wasn't raining when we went. I decided that the girls were big enough to walk themselves that day and we weren't going to bring in their strollers. They actually did very well. 
The fair is just one big petting zoo. If you know my niece and daughter you know they were halfway in heaven. The like the idea of petting something until it comes down to it then they won't touch it and back away. Shocking they went up and petted a goat the was laying down all by themselves. There was no coaxing or bribery here. 

One of the girls I work with at Dunkin Donuts is a member of one of the local 4-H groups. She was there showing a couple of her miniature horses. She was awesome and let the girls into the stall to pet two of the horses. It took a little work but the girls did eventually both pet them. Ella keep saying she wanted to ride them.

Ella has a love for bunnies just like her mommy. I have had a rabbit most of my life. She kept starring at them and saying "We take one home."

Lastly since I love hearts. I was a horse that has a heart on its butt. 

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