ER Visit Again

My little prince charming surely is giving me gray hair. Tuesday we were at the ER again. We were just there less than 2 weeks ago. This time we went to a different ER and got in and out a lot quicker. 

Austin was climbing up our bed and slipped and fell and hit his face on the bed frame. Our bed has a wooden frame that is about 6 inches high and 3/4 inch wide. He uses it as a step to get on the bed. Unfortunately, this time somehow he slipped and fell. He cried for a little bit, and only bleed a little bit. Every time he went to smile or laugh or cry the cut seemed to open back up again. I decided we needed to take him in to be checked out.

Luckily he didn't need stitches. He only needed it glued and taped together. He was such a trooper. The nurses were surprised at how good he was at everything. He didn't rip off the pulse finger thingy, sat still when they rinsed his cut twice. Now he did scream and try to escape when they did the glue. But who wouldn't when you are held down and your eyes covered.
We had to limit bathing him for 24 hours and don't submerge his eye until the tape is all gone, but really why would you submerge a babies eye? The glue will wear off by itself, and the tape will automatically fall off, if Austin doesn't pull it off himself over time. As of this morning Thursday, 1 piece of the tape has fallen off, out of 3. He was however trying to pull the rest off earlier but we distracted him and he seems to have forgotten about it for now.
I really am hoping he is not going to make this a trend of going to the ER every month. He is mommy's little wild man and very adventurous. 

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