Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!!! This has seemed like the longest week ever. We all have been fighting allergies, sinuses, and colds. Hopefully we are all 100% by next week, we have another busy week ahead with safety town, fun, and lots of family in town.

For now I am resting and hopping in for another week of Friday Favorites with Erika, Andrea, and Narci with some Random Friday Favorites. 

I may have not seen Wonder Woman yet, but at least Ella wanted to wear watching Wonder Women shirts last week. 

This isn't mine and I don't know whose it is but it has been floating around the internet the last week. I need/want it. My next vehicle will 99% likely be a van and I want to Disney pimp it out. 

It maybe kind of hard to see but we have 3 baby groundhogs living under out shed. They are so cute, as long as they don't eat my garden. 

I am loving my new Scentsy burner and scents that I ordered from my girl, Misty. Interested in ordering some Scentsy or hosting an online party check out her website

I finally found jumbo straws that are perfect for drinking my shakes. I really was contempating going to Panera Bread and ordering a smoothie there just so I could have a large straw. I found these starts of all places at Pat Catans, which is a local craft store. 

Since I have been under the weather I have been drinking lots of tea. One of my favorite herbal teas that has been helping is the Breathe Easy tea from Traditional Medicinals. 

Who has a snapchat? I am working on being more active on there and sharing lots of my life with my kids and all our fun adventures. I changed my name so be sure to add me and I will follow back. 

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