3 Days of Birthdays

I know I say I hate birthdays, for myself. I really just hate the reality that I am getting older. I hate the attention and I hate cards. I also hate buying and receiving cards. Why spend $8 on something that is just going to get thrown away in a few days, I would rather have a generic $.50 card or a hand written note.  ... However I do enjoy spending time with and seeing family, chocolate cake is my best friend, and who doesn't love presents.

This year I had 3 days of birthday celebrations, so that really equals 2 weeks of cake and sweets, (boy am I feeling it and seeing the negative results, but it tastes so good). I have to admit I have no will power when it comes to cake.
Oh celebrating also starts 2 days before my birthday. My sister's birthday is two days before mine.

My official birthday was last Thursday June 29th. I started off my morning by waking up early, getting some Pilate's done then went and picked up Ella from her fathers and was home by 8am. Brian had coffee and my favorite egg breakfast ready within minutes.

Dunkable eggs (over easy), bacon, and toast. Plus Kona fresh ground coffee.

Thursday was also Free Tea Day at McAlister's Deli. We go there all the time. My kids love there Mac and Cheese and I love everything I have tried there. My go to is there Club wrap with a side of fresh fruit. 

Not only did Ella and I get free tea, mine was green and hers unsweetened black tea, we also got free Tea day t-shirts. 

After McAlister's we wen into the mall. It was pretty quiet for being noon already and hot out. There was no one in the little play area. I let the kids play for a half an hour. They had a blast. 

By 3 o'clock I was already getting tired and needed a nap, but that wasn't in the future. Instead Ella and I made a quick run to Target to get a few things and treated ourselves to coffee, well she got a strawberries and cream. 

For dinner we headed to my parents house to have homemade pizza on the grill. I took Brian's Pampered Chef grill pan with us to use. They turned out delicious. The night was ended with cake and ice cream. Plus we let the kids do the "pop its", sparklers, and I set off smoke bombs. (Claudia, my niece, picked out my cake.) 

Friday night was fancy date night and a movie. I dropped the kids off at my parents, went home got my workout done then got ready to go. By the time we got to the movie theatre it was down pouring. Brian dropped me off at the door, went and parked, then ran back. We were both soaked. But still had a good time. 
We saw The House starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. Random fact about me I am not a fan of Will Ferrell. I can't name one movie of his that I like. I have to admit this one wasn't bad. It could have been better, but I didn't die watching it and it had some funny parts. 
After the movie I was treated to dinner at Cabin Club. If you are local it is an amazing upscale small steak house. I had a perfect center cut Filet Mignon paired with garlic sauteed green beans topped with onion straws.

For dessert we got a New York style cheesecake with a strawberry drizzle and a homemade chocolate mousse. It was so delicious. I am already asking to go back. 

Saturday night we ended my birthday celebrating at my in-laws. They made a delicious chicken dinner and the most heavenly chocolate cake. 

For my birthday I got a tent. I am so excited to put it up and try camping in the backyard. Hopefully it goes well and we can plan a weekend away camping. I grew up camping so this is exciting for me.

After dinner Brian and I took Austin for a walk. He was being a wild man, full of sugar, getting to close to the fire and just wanted to run everywhere. Normally our walks are successful of putting him to sleep. Not this time though. Not only were people shooting off fireworks but I also screamed twice. I saw this blob on the sidewalk that I thought was just a pile of poop so I went to step over it. Well it jump and touched my foot and I screamed. Turned out to be a toad. I know I know I love frogs but didn't realize what it was.
Further down out walk I also jumped when I saw two very large deer just standing in the shadows. It just must not have been a good evening for me to go on a walk and expect Austin to fall asleep. 

My 3 days of Birthday celebrating ended with family, drinks and a fire. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday, well minus the rain on Friday. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes and fun.
Until next year...

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