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Happy Friday. It has been a crazy week. I feel like we have been going non-stop, even though there was some relaxing. Brian has worked a lot this week, it has just been the kids and I with lots of fun, Christmas movies, and temper tantrums. Plus rough nights with kids having coughing fits keeping us all up, and I am fighting some bug that came out of no where yesterday. We have a busy weekend ahead so we all need to get better.

Today I am joining in with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites just some randomness of this week with a couple of adorable kids. 

Cold temperatures are finally here. Winter coats and hats are a must. Isn't he so cute with his Mickey Hat?

My princess loves her zebra coat, and frog hat. She loves even more that we are still borrowing my in-laws mini van. If she had a say in our next vehicle it will be a van, and I wouldn't argue. (now only if I let her sit in the far back)

We finally had enough leaves and a half way decent day for the kids to jump in them.

This girl has always loved playing in the leaves and burying herself. 

Aubriella and I got a little bit of mother daughter time with some shopping. 

Someone got spoiled by his Memaw yesterday while I went out and did some Christmas shopping. 

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  1. Hey if that zebra coat came in cheetah I would be sporting it like crazy!!! Stay warm and get healthy quick!


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