16 on the 19

I have a confession. I didn't realize that the 16th was last Friday. Opps. Can you tell I really am losing my mind, or at least it seems. So today is 16 randoms about me on the 19th. 

Here are 16 random facts about me:


My favorite coffee is Kona Coffee, french press.


I followed in my mom's footsteps and became a hairdresser.


I love cooking, but suck at baking.


I slacked on decorating for Valentine's Day this year.


I don't drink regular milk, but put almond or coconut milk in my shakes. I use to be lactose intolerant and at times it still bothers me.


My first concert was Linkin Park.


I use to hate, I mean would turn off and plug my ears to Country music. Now it is mostly all I listen to.


I love my kindle (when it works) but sometimes you just need to hold a good book.


I have an obsession with Hallmark movies and could keep watching the same ones over and over.


I grew up going camping in a motor home and a pop-up with my parents. I hope to one day share the tradition with my family.


I love days Ella doesn't have school. 


One of our favorite restaurants to go to as a family is BJ's Brew house. It is always Ella's first choice.


Before having Austin I was always afraid of having a boy. Now I love having a boy and a girl.


Team Iphone!!!!


Favorite winter Olympic sport is Figure Skating.


I get tired of my hair color and style every few months and want to change it but am never gutsy enough to do anything to daring. 

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