OMG Easter

OMG Easter is less than a week away. I only just decorated yesterday. I didn't realize I didn't have that much Easter decorations or I would have done shopping weeks ago. I thought I still had a few more weeks. I really am slacking this year. We didn't even decorate or really do anything for St. Patricks Day. (besides wearing green that we luckily had, and Brian ate corn beef)
I did finish the kids Easter baskets and got them set up looking cute. Right now they are sitting in the attic ready to be brought down by the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning. I will have to put candy and money in eggs for their Easter egg hunt also. 

Here is some randoms from the past two Easters, traditions, and this years decorations. In complete random order as well. 

Easter Bunny Fail 2017

Austin was not having anything to do with the Easter Bunny last year. 
Read about our Easter Bunny Fail

Easter Bunny 2018

This year was more of a success minus not taking his hands down.

Easter Bunny 2016

Such a happy 6 month old

She was more interested in her Easter Basket


Hung from the fan in the dining room

Chick basket I bought a few years ago at Goodwill and a few little colorful chicks.

More colorful chicks and a bunny Ella painted last year.

Right when you walk in the front door (horrible photo sorry)


Dyeing Easter Eggs, each year I try a different kid. I haven't found one I love.

Bunny Cake, I never claimed to be a baker. (Ella did the face)

Previous Easter Baskets:

 Ella got the huge umbrella and soccer ball and net. Austin got the small basket to the far right. He was only 6 months old at the time.

Lots of books


Easter hasn't always been a huge deal in our family. The pictures with the Easter bunny are from Breakfast with the Easter bunny at the AmVets. I normally don't have Ella the weekend the AmVets host the event and I don't stress it to much. We have our own special events, and traditions that don't always involve a scary looking bunny..

Family Photos:



What are some of your favorite Easter memories or traditions? Leave a comment and give me some more ideas.

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