Clean Eating Travel Tips

Last week our family went on a mini road trip, today Brian and I are leaving for an adults only vacation, and we have a few trips planned this summer. Staying on track with your health and nutrition can make or break your vacation. I have to admit we didn't prepare very well for our mini road trip last week and it turned to bite us in the butt. It took me a good three days to get my stomach back under control from eating to much crap and that was just from 2 days. 
Now I am not saying you can't enjoy yourself while on vacation but should there is a difference between enjoying yourself and over indulging, which is what I did. 
Here are some Clean Eating Travel Tips:

1- Pack healthy snacks

2- Always have water handy

3- Go easy on the alcohol

4- Make healthy choices for 2 meals a day

5- Eat when your hungry, don't over eat.

6- Plan ahead as much as possible

7- Don't skip your workout

8- Chew gum

9- Drink lots of water

10-  Have fun!!!!!

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