Disney World Day 1

The Thursday after my daughter's Spring Break, Brian and I hoped on a plane and headed to the most magical place on earth DISNEY WORLD. We left our kids at home with loving family and went off to have some quality, fun, and adventured filled alone time. I discussed the other day why we went on a Adults Only vacation to Disney World. You can check it out HERE!!

We packed out bags and were ready to go first thing in the morning. We had planned a short 4 day mini vacation and since it was just us we traveled pretty light. We both had our a carry on book bag, I had my purse, and Brian had a rolling carry on. We also checked on piece of luggage just in case we decided to come home with a bunch of souvenirs. (which we did not)

On the way down to Florida we flew United. This was my first time flying United. I was surprised to see that every seat had a TV available. While we are sitting there for take off they spoil you by letting you watch all these channels. Then they let you know that if you want in flight TV it will cost you. We opted out of not purchasing. It was a two hour direct flight and we were prepared with books/kindle and I enjoy looking out the window. 

Once we arrived at the Orlando airport we went straight down to catch the Magical Express. I love not having to worry about finding a rental car or taxi, or driving in an unknown city. If you stay at an on-property Disney World hotel the transportation is included. You step off the plane and you are already feeling the Disney experience as you get to use your magic band as your bus pass.

Our bus had to make one other stop before taking us to our hotel. We stayed at Disney Beach Club Resort. (I will do another post on the specifics of our resort in the next few weeks). Once we arrived and we were standing in the lobby Brian got the text saying our room was ready. We had previously checked in online and were able to head straight to our room. No need to stand in the long line at the front desk. Brian and I explored the hotel until we found our gorgeous room.

We didn't stay long in our room. We were hungry it was already lunch time so we dropped off our bags, changed our clothes then headed over to Epcot to eat and drink around the world with the Flower and Garden festival. (more on the festival later)

We actually got to the hotel and over to Epcot sooner than we anticipated. Our first fast pass wasn't scheduled until after 5pm over at Hollywood Studios. We had time to spare so we decided to go stand in line for Soarin' since we didn't have a fast pass scheduled for it our all whole trip. It was a 40 minute wait but went by very quickly. Soarin' has to be one of my favorite rides. Disney describes it as "Take flight on a breezy, airborne adventure as you hang glide above some of the most breathtaking wonders the world has to offer." That doesn't give it much justice. It is an breathtaking hang glider ride that takes you from Alaska, to Paris to China, to Australia and so much more. Not only do you get the sights but you feel the breeze and smell the scents of each location also. It is really magically the projection put you there. 

Next we walked from Epcot to our hotel to switch shoes. Then walked over to Hollywood Studios. We got there with plenty of time to spare before our first fast pass. While we were waiting we saw the Star Wars show with the Storm Troopers. I have to admit I am not a Star Wars fan. I haven't seen the movies and this was all a blur to me and makes no sense. Goal before Star Wars Land opens is to watch all the movies. 

Our first thrill coaster of our trip was Rock'n Roller Coaster. The first time I rode this I was scared to death. I am from Ohio, the roller coaster capital of the world with Cedar Point we have real roller coasters. Rock'n Roller Coaster is nothing compared to Cedar Point but still a lot of fun.

Another Star Wars show with people I don't know who they are. Ok I admit I know who Chewbacca is and I recognize Kylo Ren since Austin has his coat. Beyond that I am pretty clueless. Brian however enjoyed everything Star Wars. Coincidentally our next ride was Star Tours. 

We had time to spare before our last fast pass so decided to find something for dinner. This was the only meal we didn't have a plan and decided to wing it. Wrong move at Hollywood Studios. We agreed we didn't want your typical hamburger, hot dog, chicken fingers kind of meal. We also didn't want sit down just a quick service. After walking back and forth through the park a few times trying to find some place we decided on a bar that had salads. Unfortunately it was almost 7pm and they were closing, just our luck. We ended up sharing an Emanadas Platter from Fairfax Fare that was delicious. (I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture) 

After eating and some window shopping it was finally time for our final fast pass of the day. Tower of Terror. This is not my favorite ride, but it is Ella's favorite ride when we took her for 5th birthday. We rode it three times. 

After the ride we rushed to find a somewhat good seat to watch Fantasmic!!! This was our first time seeing it. OMG I loved it. This has to be my second favorite nighttime show. (first being at Magic Kingdom) It has princesses, a storyline, Mickey, water effects, boats, fireworks, and more. It is a must see.
After Fantasmic! we made our way to find a spot to watch the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular night time projection show with fireworks. Not my favorite, but still fun to watch. The Star Wars show started at 9:15 even though the park "closes" at 9. After the show most people are rushing to catch a bus, boat, or back to their car. We luckily only had to walk back to our hotel. Our other option would have been a boat. We watched the boat line and payed attention to when it left. We got back to our hotel (even with stopping to eat) before the boat did. 

Speaking of food, on our walk from Hollywood Studios to Beach Club Resort you go through the Boardwalk. On the Boardwalk there was a pizza place and a few drinking spots. We grabbed a slice of pizza to share. 

I got a frozen Pina Colada to drink. It was nothing special and you didn't really taste the alcohol in it but it was still delicious. 

Brian got a beer

Our first day was great. Perfect weather, some rides, lots of fun, food and beer. A great start to our vacation. Day 2 coming soon with Magic Kingdom and more Epcot. 

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  1. The Beach Club is my dream resort. I've actually never actually stayed on property but we stay at the Swan / Dolphin, so we do the same walking you did here. We are actually planning on DHS in the morning and Epcot in the evening on our first day for our upcoming trip. Soarin' is one of my favorites! We got a fast pass for it this time!


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