Fall Favorites- Crock Pot Meals

It may feel like 100 degrees outside in September in Ohio, (mother nature has lost her mind) but I am ready for fall. In my mind it is officially here as of September first. Who cares what the calendar says. I like fall to last as long as possible. Bring on everything pumpkin spice. I am linking up today with Emily and and Sarah for some Fall Favorites. This weeks topic is Crock Pot Meals. 

Cooler weather, back to school, hectic schedules, comfort food all go hand in hand. I use my crock pot more often in the winter (which makes no sense I should use it in the summer when it is hot and i don't want to use the stove) I am already planning some new dishes to try this year and to use my instant pot that I got for mother's day more too. Here are a few of my favorite crock pot meals.

What are your favorite crock pot meals?

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  1. I want to try out your butternut squash soup -- that's one of my favorite flavors for fall!

  2. I'm seriously excited to start using my crock pot again!

    1. I am ready to pull mine out tomorrow. Now just to decide what to make

  3. Oh gosh, all of these sound so good! I love a good potato soup - even better if I can make it in the crock pot!

  4. I've seen hot chocolate in the crockpot recipes but have yet to try it. Love the idea of a whole chicken though to make meals for the week easy!

  5. Yum!! I want to make hot chocolate in my crock pot this year!!


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