Friday Favorites and some Mug Love

Happy Friday. I can't believe it is the last weekend before Halloween already. We have some fun Halloween festivities planned this weekend, as long as the weather cooperates. 

Right now it's time for some random Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Monday we had no school because our school was still out of power after an eventful weekend. Ella had an all day play date as I watched a friend's daughter so she could go to work.

~ TWO ~

Ella asked why I dress up to go to Girl Scouts. I said I wasn't really dressed up this is just a sweater. Her response “ well your not wearing a tank top and workout pants so this is dressed up” I guess I should get dressed more often. 


Brian wasn't home Wednesday I got the whole coffee pot to myself. I added pumpkin spice seasoning to my coffee. It was delicious.

~ FOUR ~

Austin got to see his baby. He has an obsession with all babies but loves having his Brianna, which is my girlfriends 4 and a half month old daughter. 

~ FIVE ~

Thursday we had a play date and adult conversation. The kids may have not behaved, there was lots of crying, but it was still nice to see Heather and her kids. 

~ SIX ~

Who else is excited for Christmas movies to start TODAY on the Hallmark channel?

Now for some Mug Love.

I love connecting with other bloggers, and my readers. I also love finding new blogs to read, supporting other bloggers, and entrepreneurs. If I come across a blog exchange 99% of the time I sign up to be apart of it. Last year I did a fun mug exchange that Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me hosted.  She recently just started back up her blog after taking a hiatus and messaged everyone who participated last year to see if they wanted to join in again this year. I just had to jump in.

I was paired with the lovely mom Echo from The Mad Mommy. 

Echo sent me this lovely package. A new mug, nail polish, card, necklace and notepad. 

Ella helped me open the box. The first thing she saw was a unicorn necklace. She claimed it for herself. 

I am in love with this nail polish shade. I already put it on. Bonus it stayed on while washing dishes. 

This mug is huge and I love huge mugs. Means I can have bigger cups of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. 

Thank you so much to Stephanie for hosting another fabulous fun mug exchange. And thank you to Echo for your generosity, being a great partner, and for some great gifts for me and Aubriella, even if it wasn't meant for her. 

Also linking up with Katie from Cup of Tea for High Five for Friday

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  1. Great idea to add pumpkin spice to your coffee!

    1. It is so good and without all the calories you get when going to a coffee shop

  2. That polish is fantastic...I love that color!!! My sisters both love flavored coffee…me not so much but I can’t wait to share your idea with them! Have a great weekend!

    1. I use to hate coffee until I worked at a coffee shop and had to be there at 4am. Shots of espresso helped make it through a shift.

  3. Yay for Christmas movies starting!!! I don't have cable, but I just did a post this week sharing some of the fun ones I found on Netflix that I want to watch. :) I had to laugh at your daughter asking why you were dressed up. My kids ask the same thing when I step out of my leggings and put my hair down, haha! LOVE the mug and goodies you got from your partner, Adrienne!

    1. Kids can be so cute at times. lol. I will have to check out Netflix and see what they have.

  4. YAY! I am so glad your goodies got there in time and I am glad you loved everything!!!! I love a good giant mug in the winter! <3 That nail polish looks fantastic on you!!!!!!! Thank you for all of my goodies as well!

  5. Ha! Love that I am not the only one who gets accused of dressing up when I think I'm just getting dressed.


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