Kitchen Staples

Hey loves. For the next three Thursdays I am sharing tips, essentials, and staples for your kitchen. Today we are talking about Kitchen Staples, items we always have on hand to make a quick meal instead of grabbing fast food.

Our house always has what I call staples in the kitchen and pantry. Foods that won't expire in a week that we can make a meal out of. These are the you can never say we don't have anything to eat in the house, it just may not always be what you want to make or plan on making, but it is there. 
Every so often we go through and make meals out of what we have on hand. Before we went on our last vacation we ate for about a week and half off "Staple foods". Currently we are eating staples as we prepare to move. You do have to use them up eventually nothing lasts forever. (And if it does you probably should be eating it either, example bread that lasts for over 3 weeks and doesn't become moldy, what is really in our food?). 

Here are our Kitchen Staples:

- pasta
- pasta sauce
- canned veggies
- oatmeal
- Coconut Oil
- seasoning 
- canned soup
- chicken broth
- canned tuna
- canned pumpkin (yes even when out of pumpkin season)
- flour
- sugar, powered sugar, and brown sugar
- chocolate chips
- chopped nuts
- protein powder
- baking powder and baking soda
- canned beans
- oatmeal
- rice
- peanut butter
- popcorn 

- pickles
- mustards
- ranch
- hot sauce
- mayo
- salsa

- frozen fruit
- frozen veggies
- frozen bananas
- fish
- chicken
- ground meat

What are some staples in your kitchen?

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