We hosted our second annual Friendsgiving. It is an excuse to see each other, eat great food, the kids to play and have adult time. This year we held it the only weekend in November I had Aubriella. It didn't work for all our friends but you can't please everyone. We still had a fun time. 

Yes before you say it. I know Friendsgiving is spelled wrong in the photo. It is a inside joke between my girlfriends and I. Last year Ella stole a letter when I was doing the letter board. It has just been our tradition with my letter board for something to always be spelled wrong and we have fun with it. 

My girlfriend recommended we did paper plated instead of using my real plates. I am not normally a fan of using paper, but I was so happy after dinner that I didn't have a bunch of dishes to do. 

Besides hosting Friendsgiving on Saturday we had a bunch of running around to do. Ella spent the night at Memaw's. Instead of making a turkey again this year (and I will be doing one on Thursday for family) we opted to go to Costco and buy two rotisserie chickens instead. Everyone brought something so all the work wasn't on me. 

It worked out great having the 4 adults at one table, and 4 kids at another. Heather did leave two of her kids at home, one wasn't feeling well, and the other wasn't listening. I plated the kids food and gave them a little of everything for them to try. I was shocked no one complained or broke down in tears like has previously happened. They told us what they liked and what they didn't. Their main food was mac and cheese. 

This little princess got the most attention and was the neediest. She got passed around to everyone, and was only happy half the time. She is such a little homebody at such a young age. Brian and all the kids loved playing with her and making her giggle. 

Yes I know it is not Halloween. Without being planned all three girls picked out their Halloween costumes to be different characters from the Disney movie Descendants. This was the first time we all got together in a while we had to bring their costumes and take a picture. 

We had such a fun time. I didn't to stuck with a bunch of leftovers either. I have the girls bring their own take out containers so they could take some leftovers home. Can't wait until next year to see what new adventures we have for Friendsgiving. (maybe invite some of Brian's friends so he isn't the only guy again)

Do you and your friends host your own Friendsgiving? 

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  1. Sounds like you have a great group of friends for friendsgiving!


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