Few Randoms

Happy Wednesday. We are having a slow week over here. Ella was home sick the past two days running a fever, but she was feeling better and no fever so she went back today. Today is catch up day on everything I didn't get done since she was home. I am excited that it is finally starting to warm up in northern Ohio. Today's high is 54, tomorrow is 63, then this weekend we are back in the 30's. I am ready for Spring and the warm weather to stick around. I know it is still March in Ohio and winter isn't done here.

Here are just a few randoms :

- Ella wanted to cuddle and watch a DVD yesterday so we went to the basement where the DVD player is. If I don't watch or hear the Disney Descendents movie for a long time I will be ok with that. 

- Austin has also been in a cuddly mood. He climbed up on me the other day to cuddle cheek to cheek. He actually fell asleep this way. 

- One of my pregnancy food aversions has been peanut butter, not because I am disgusted by it or anything but because I was getting horrible stomach pains after eating it. I finally bought some almond butter and tried it the other night. No stomach pains. I had been missing my peanut butter and banana/fruit sandwiches, now I can do it with almond butter and fruit. 

- I am looking for a safe prenatal workout for the second (and eventually third) trimester. Something with some stretching, yoga, very light cardio, ... anyone have any suggestions? 

- The Bachelor is over for this season. Last night was the first night I actually stayed up to watch it live. I wish the best for Colton and Cassie, they look so happy together. I know I am probably against the norm but I am excited for Hannah B to be the Bachelorette. I love that she is normal to the extent of being ditzy and can't always find the right words. 

- I am almost done with the book When Life Gives You LuLuLemons, it has only been two and a half months. I have two more books ready to be started. 

Hope you have a great Wednesday. Time for me to get productive. I am linking up with Lindsay, and Jenn.

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  1. I hope everyone is feeling better! I've been wanting to get that book - do you like it??

    1. I am liking the book, just finding the time to read and be comfortable has been my struggle.


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