April Goals

April showers bring May flowers. Please be true this year Mother Nature. I am so ready for Spring weather. I want to open the windows and go for some family walks and just get out of the house. I am hoping that the snow we had this past weekend was the last of it for the year also. 

I feel like March really flew by, and I didn't achieve much. Lets take a look back and see what we did accomplish on my to do list:

  • Finish Reading - When Life Gives You LuluLemons
  • Start Reading - Girl, Stop Apologizing I did however read one book on my kindle and started a potty training book
  • Organize Calendars
  • Post At Least 3x A Week On Blog
  • Meal Plan Each Week
  • Finish Organizing Basement
  • Start Going Through Baby Clothes
  • Have a Date Night with Brian

Now it's time to make my April Goals List:

  • Spring Clean
  • Read 3 books
  • Continue doing daily stretching/yoga
  • Color Easter Eggs
  • Have Easter Egg hunt for kids
  • Go on one family walk
  • Start going through baby clothes
  • Take Austin to the zoo
  • Organize junk drawer
  • Organize kids cups
What are your goals for April?

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  1. Oooh! The zoo! I just love the zoo in spring.

  2. Your April goals sound like a lot of fun! I have to admit, organizing our basement has been on my yearly goals for literally years. It needs to happen, but it's just no fun. lol


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