Birthday Party Weekend

Happy Monday. I am happy it is Monday and we can get back to a schedule. We had a busy fun weekend but I am ready for things to quiet down now, or at least for a little bit. 

~ Friday October 4 ~

Friday started with a 530 wake up call from my princess. Instead of going back to sleep I got up, pumped, then headed down to the basement to start my day. Last week I got up early and worked out 3 mornings. That is a huge achievement for me recently. I feel so much more productive when I do this. Especially because I knew Friday was going to be a busy day preparing for Aubriella's birthday party.

The rest of the morning went smooth and pretty routine .I picked up Ella from her dads house, got home ate breakfast, and got Ella off to school. Audrianna was in a happy mood, and blowing bubbles and drooling. She looks cute in her Coldwell Banker bib representing her daddy's work. I ended up going grocery shopping for the party then came home and cleaned, played, and fed Audrianna until it was time to get Ella from school. She came home in a good mood and excited for her birthday party.

We surprised Ella by taking her out to dinner for her birthday. We gave her some options of places to eat and she picked Applebees. All 3 kids were so well behaved. We got there and there was a 15 minute wait. Audrianna decided she was hungry then too. I went back to the car and feed her, instead of feeding her standing in the waiting area as there was no where to sit. Overall everything went great. Kids ate their meals, they were quick with bringing out our food, and the kids sat in their chairs. I tried their October special the Vampire that is only $1. It’s made with rum, dragon fruit, passion fruit and strawberry. And it comes with fangs. It was pretty tasty but very weak with alcohol. 

That evening we got Ella's picture from school. I wanted to cry. She looks so grown up and cute. She smiled pretty, which has been a fight for us lately. 
Ella ended the night going birthday shopping with her uncles, aunt and grandma. They were surprising her with a new bike for her birthday and were letting her pick it out. Somehow she also ended up picking out all her presents, mostly clothes. 

~ Saturday October 5 ~

Saturday morning was back to preparing for Ella's birthday party. I still had a little cleaning to do in the house and all the decorating. I was kind of horrible at taking pictures of all the decorations. Image balloons and purple streamers everywhere. Hanging from the ceiling and fan in the house, around the swing set tents, umbrellas, and deck outside. Ella loved it but also said I was a bit much. We still have the streamers in the living room on the ceiling. 

Ella's birthday party was Descendants 3 themed. You would think it would have been easy to find decorations since the movie just came out a few months ago. But it wasn't. Some of the decorations we found were from the first two movies and Ella wanted only the 3rd movie. Items we found (but didn't buy) a few weeks ago were no longer available when we went to purchase them. My mom ended up making the cupcake toppers herself. 

Ella pretty much planned her whole birthday party. I just helped with the specific details. She wanted something fun. The party started off with the girls doing word searches and getting Descendants Tattoos. Then we ran off to do a scavenger hunt that had them running around the front, back and neighbors yards. 

 We took the easy way out with food. Pizza, salad, chips, pretzels, and gold fish. (There were about 15 adults that also attended that you don't see in any photos opps)

Up next the tag team obstacle course. hop through the hula hoops, walk the tight rope (jump rope on the ground), make one corn hole bag in the hole, climb under a table, make two lawn darts in the circle (not real darts), then fun up front put on helmet ride scooter in a circle and back, run to the back yard and tag next girl or touch the base to win. The girls had a lot of fun then got to rest some and eat their cupcakes. 

We ended the party with some twister, I even got in on it. Ella opened her present from each girl as they left. 

After most of the girls left Ella opened her presents from the rest of the family. Some family ended up staying later. The kids rode bikes, scooters and ran around out front. While the rest of us cleaned up. Ella loved her birthday and said it was the best birthday party ever. 

~ Sunday October 6 ~

Sunday was a pretty low key, catch up, relaxing day. 

Brian made a comfort food throw together breakfast. He wanted country fried steak but I didn't want to go out to breakfast. Instead he made his own "skillet breakfast" as he called it, minus the skillet. It had eggs, peppers, onions, potatoes, hash browns, cut up chicken patty, sausage gravy, and bacon. (i think that is it). It was really good but also so heavy and filling) 

Ella played more twister, rode her old bike, (her new bike she is afraid of because she can't touch the ground yet), did crafts and played barbies. 

I went grocery shopping and came home to find this in our bathroom. Brian started the remodeling of our bathroom. Whoever did the tile didn't use the right glue and it is ripping off dry wall. It will be a work in progress, learning experience, but worth it when finished (hopefully) 

Lead by a positive example. They are always watching and listening. Ella knows that I have gotten back into the routine of working out everyday. She asked if she could workout with me so I changed around my night to let her join me. Audrianna is on the blanket watching too. It was a great end to our evening and weekend. 

~ Weekly Menu ~

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