Friday Favorites

Hey friends. Happy Friday. It has been a messed up week with lack of sleep, transitioning Audrianna from being swaddled, trying to be productive, and snow. We have a busy weekend ahead with Girl Scouts field trip, hosting Friendsgiving, family photos, shopping, and more. Next week I am going to need a break. (won't happen but I can dream)

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Brian and I finally had a somewhat date night, with a little tag along because she is a brat and still won't take a bottle. We started the night at a surprise birthday party. Then headed to the mall and had to stop by the Disney Store. It was nice to actually look and not be dragged away or be told I want this 5 million times. I love this Mickey hat but it felt like a velour material and as soon as it go wet it would be ruined. We ended the night with a drink and appetizers. 

~ TWO ~

Ordered groceries using Instacart for the first time this week. (yes I am behind with the times) It is not the easiest to grocery shop with Audrianna since her infant car seat takes up most of the cart, it doesn't leave much room for groceries. Add in Austin running around the store and wanting to buy everything in sight. The cost of shipping and a tip is totally worth it. I can see myself using this often with the cold and snow coming (which I love), so I don't have to take my kids out in it if I don't have to. The lady who delivered was so nice, everything was nicely packed, my produce was perfect, I got everything I ordered. She was even 15 minutes earlier than my time window which wasn't an issue since I was home. I will be using again. 
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Ella's grade had a Veterans day assembly where they sang songs. They requested the kids wear read, white, and blue. Ella went all out, like always, she even requested to have red white and blue hair, but we didn't have the stuff. 

~ FOUR ~

Austin is so my kid when it comes to snow. He ran into my room and woke me up to look on the window and see all the snow on Tuesday morning. We had about 1.5 inches. He spent most of the day looking out the window when it was snowing. 

~ FIVE ~

Audrianna turned 4 months old. She is growing up so much so fast. I weighed her and she was already 12 lbs. Her 4 month check up is next week so I will do a full post with updates later.

~ SIX ~

First snow and the windchill wasn't in the negatives. Ella and Austin played outside for a good half an hour until we had to drag them in for dinner. Brian on the other hand didn't last long out in the cold.


I am loving cozy sweatshirt, hot coffee, and Christmas movies days. Now only if we had the Christmas tree up it would be perfect. (not until after Thanksgivings for the tree)


I bought Audrianna the Zidadee Zip which is suppose to help transitioning from being swaddled. Audrianna has slept in in 2 nights. The first night we were up 7x the second night only 3x. Hopefully it gets better and we can transition Audrianna out of the bassinet into her own crib soon also. My other two kids we co-slept and there was no real transitioning. 

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