Coffee Chat Confessions

Time for some confessions:

I confess... While pregnant my nutrition sucked. I ate a lot of crap and fast food. It is so hard to get back into eating healthy. Now the holidays are here too. I need motivation or a personal chef or some one to just come hit all the garbage food out of my hands.

I confess... I am loving looking out the window at the snow we got, but I don't want to go outside in it. 

I confess... I have a lot of Christmas movies on the DVR but haven't had the desire to watch them yet and Austin has stolen the TV with Paw Patrol and the new Blue Clues.

I confess... I haven't been reading like I use to or want to because I put a TV in our room with a Amazon firestick. I am addicting to watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

I confess... I can't wait until we get Disney +.Yes I know it is out already.

I confess.. I am struggling with getting back to a routine.I know I feel so much better when I workout in the morning, but having broken up sleep (Audrianna still wakes up 3-4 times a night sometimes more) makes it hard.  

I confess... I am so ready to put up all the Christmas decorations. We are doing it the weekend after Thanksgivings this year. 

I confess... We are going on vacation in April and stopping at Disney World. I have done no planning yet because I know it won't go as planned with a infant and Sprink Break.

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