Weekend Getaway 2019 Day 4

Day 4, our last day of our mini weekend vacation getaway before back to school at the end of August 2019. Read about the rest of our vacation:

Monday August 19

We all slept great. Audrianna woke up a few times to eat, I enjoyed looking out the window and watching the random cars and seeing the relaxing river. 

At the hotel Austin enjoyed reading the bible and book of Mormon. We packed up our hotel room, checked out, then walked to a really cute local coffee shop for donuts and bagels for breakfast. Then we were off to the kids final surprise.

We started off on the windy hilly roads. I really hate driving and even riding in Pittsburgh. I learned what a Pittsburgh left was at a stop light, that would never happen in Cleveland someone would get killed. 
Our final destination. The Pittsburgh Zoo. 

Ella and I wore our matching Disney Squad shirt with princesses on it and got a few complements. It was a very hot humid day. The Pittsburgh zoo didn't have much shade, or benches.

My kids love having their pictures taken in front of the different height measurements. 

It was a hot day. Audrianna wasn't eating much. It was my first time breastfeeding in public without a care in the world. 

Overall we had a good time at the Pittsburgh Zoo and a great vacation. One dissapointment at the zoo was we told the kids they could get a sourvier before we left. We left around 3, the zoo didn't close until 5 or 6, the gift shop was already closed. 

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  1. Wow that stinks about the gift shop!! Strange if the zoo was still open...someone wanted to get home...not cool! Glad you enjoyed my city! I love our hills and curves - I guess it takes getting used to, hugh? Your shirts are adorable!


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