Weekend Getaway 2019 Day 2 and 3

Life has gotten the best of me and I forgot to share the rest of our Weekend Getaway we did back in August before Ella went back to school. I shared Day 1 back in September opps. If you need a refresher head on back HERE to read about our road trip, feeding lots of fish, stopping at a Brewery, and out first day in Niagara Falls, New York. 

Saturday morning we woke up refreshed and ready to go. Audrianna thankfully slept like her normal self waking up every few hours to eat. We had brought our own pack and play and set it up between the beds. I also brought her sound machine and projector, which is such a life saver. I never had one with the other kids but it has made a huge difference on our bedtime routine.
For breakfast we headed downstairs to the hotels breakfast buffet. The hotel had a Papa John's pizza attached and the buffet was down there. They had your typical cereal, breads, and yogurt, but then also had a few different breakfast pizzas and donuts. The kids loved having pizza for breakfast and donuts. 
After breakfast we went back upstairs and fed Audrianna again then got ready for our walk to the Aquarium. We didn't want to drive and pay for parking. The aquarium was only a mile from our hotel. We are a walking family so this was nothing to us. When we were there the main walking trail was closed for construction (as was a lot of different things in the area) so we had to go a different way. It ended up being a great walk and didn't rain like it was forecast to. 

When we got to the aquarium we made it in time for the first show. But had issues finding the horrible labeled handicap entrance (I had our large jogging stroller). There was no way of us carrying the stroller up the big flight of stairs so the only option was the handicap entrance. Brian eventually had to go in an ask how to get in. Which turned out to be through the employee entrance than be buzzed in and taken around the back hall. With all the extra time we missed the show and the next one wasn't for a few hours.

We made the best of the time we were at the Aquarium. 

Austin and Ella as a Hurricane

Their favorite animal was the penguins. We spend a good hour at the aquarium and saw everything.

We stopped on our walk back for a bathroom break. You would have thought we walked 10 miles the way both kids became glued to sitting down.

We ended up walking back a different way that took you right along the river and by the falls. It was a gorgeous morning and not many people were on this trail. 

After walking back and checking out the falls again we headed back to the hotel to take a nap. I needed one. Brian took Austin and Aubriella swimming for a little bit before we got ready for dinner. 

We surprised the kids by taking them to the Rainforest Cafe.

I had went here when I was younger and loved the atmosphere but wasn't a fan of the food back then. I was very impressed with their menu now.

I got these delicious tacos. 

Both kids got mac and cheese.

Austin was so well behaved at dinner. He sat in the booth and colored. While we were waiting for our food we also walked around and looked at all the animals.

We really enjoyed the food, but the service wasn't the greatest. Brian ordered a beer that he didn't get until after the kids were done eating and he was waiting on eating his food until he had his beer. They were nice though and took it off our bill. Even with the slow service we would go back again.

After dinner we headed back to the falls. What else do you do then check out the falls a lot while at Niagara Falls. 

I asked a nice lady to take a photo of the 5 of us. Our first family vacation as a family of 5. 

Audrianna did so well, slept most of the time and ate when we were back in the room. 

Austin and Aubriella argued but they shared a bed. We were afraid one of them would fall the bed so they had pillows around them. 

Sunday we checked out of our hotel. We got breakfast than dropped all of luggage at the car. Brian had originally wanted to go to the locks and ride the boats, but Ella didn't want to ride a boat and I wasn't so sure about being stuck on a boat for 3 hours with an newborn. Instead we headed back to the falls, this time I decided to wear Audrianna and not have to wait in the long lines for the elevators.  

Before we left Aubriella ask to have her picture taken with this thing outside our hotel. We were finally able to get a photo without a bunch of people or cars.

Then we hit the road to our next destination. It turned out to be a rough start. First Brian was in the wrong lane (due to construction) and we almost ended up going towards Canada. We got over and got out of the city but then Audrianna started screaming she was hungry. There was no good place to stop. We ended up driving for 45 minutes with her screaming before we got off the highway and just stopped at a gas station so I could feed her. 

We surprised the kids by stopping in Pittsburgh. We stayed at this gorgeous Sheraton. Our room was wonderful. Our view was amazing. We had the water, boats, and a train right out our window. Austin was in heaven.

On a note of driving in Pittsburgh, I hate it. The hills, and crazy drivers, the bridge that is like 10 lanes and you need to get over 5 of them and they all merge. This is not my type of fun and causes me a lot of anxiety. 

After we got checked into the hotel Brian took Aubriella and Austin swimming. To them it isn't vacation is swimming isn't involved. 

We decided to take the Incline up to the top for dinner and a view. I was not thrilled with the walk to the incline. There was construction with the sidewalks closed so you were walking in the street. It was only like a minute walk but still scary with traffic and kids. 
The kids loved the incline. It was something neat to do. When we got to the top there wasn't much open since it was Sunday night. We found a bar grill that was handicap access-able since we had Audrianna sleeping in the stroller. 

After dinner we headed back down as there wasn't much to do up top. We wondered around our hotel and Austin found this huge train painting and had to get a picture with it. Then it was upstairs and off to bed for another surprise the next day. 

I have to point out our great view again. There was a chair right next to the window, we were on the 7th floor (I think). It was a great spot to sit and feed Audrianna that night. the lights of downtown was enough that I didn't need to use the projector (but we still had our sound machine going). Bonus the trains don't run at night.

Stay tuned for Day 4. (I wont take 2 months to post it this time.)

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