2020 Vision- Focus

Last year was amazing for different reasons and struggles for other reasons. You can read a quick Reflection of 2019 HEREThis year I want to focus on me, listen to my body, and prioritize myself. Now let me say this first: This doesn't mean that my family is no way a priority, or that anything else will necessarily get a step back. But I need to make some changes for myself personally. For a lot of moms, including myself we put ourselves on the back burner, everyone else comes first and we see the effects of it. I keep pouring from an empty glass.  

It’s like what they tell you on the airplane: Put your oxygen mask on before putting your child’s on. Sounds crazy. But you can’t give your child oxygen if you don’t have any yourself. Reading this the other day really hit home. Since I am still breastfeeding coming up on 6 months, which I never thought I would be doing this long, everything that goes into me also goes into Audrianna in a sense. I was slacking on my water in take and was starting to notice a decrease in my milk supply, which lead to Audrianna eating more often. I upped my water back to at least 75 oz a day and we are getting a little more sleep. We are still struggling in the sleep department. Some nights we are up every hour. I can't tell you the last time I had more than a 4 hour stretch of sleep, it is really taking its toll on my mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

Nothing changes if nothing changes. For me I know that making little changes over time has a greater effect and lasting power than doing everything all at once. Changing my mindset of not "going on a diet" to "living a healthy, happy, fulfilling lifestyle for myself and my family" I already am drinking more water. I have also adding in healthier menu planning, more veggies, buying less junk (and throwing away a lot of the junk we have in the house that I know is a weakness for me). Last week I got back into getting my body moving and doing workouts, and taking time for myself. (Even if that little time for myself is when I have put Audrianna to bed and I am hiding in her room reading a book shhh don't tell anyone)

Last year I was pregnant and really was just trying to survive from day to day. My nutrition was whatever I felt like eating, and whatever I kept down. I have been eating more since I am breastfeeding, I haven't gained any more weight, but I haven't lost any either. Having a third baby is completely different on my body than the first two pregnancies were. 

We are also starting to purge our house and get rid of things we haven't used. With plans of moving this year, we don't want to take things with us that have been sitting in boxes or drawers that we don't need or want. I never realized how clutter has caused me stress until all the Christmas boxes and gifts were all over the house.

I want to be more intentional with my time. My goal is to get a workout in before the kids wake up. After they go to bed I want to relax, spend time with Brian, and read. I want to not spend as much time scrolling Facebook or Instagram while the kids are home. I have already moved Instagram and Facebook off my main page of my phone. Its not the first thing I see so its not the first thing I click on. 

So far little changes:
- drinking more water atleast 75 oz a day
- eating veggies at least 2x a day 
- completing the Barre Blend program
- Taking the time to sit on the floor and play with my kids.

Monthly Plan:

Each month my goals I will take a look back at my intentions for the year to see where I am at. I will also be throwing in a few little goals I would like to accomplish in that month. It may sound like a lot but it is all little changes that will equal the bigger picture. 

Yearly Goal:
- Using Planner
- Purge different part of the house 
- Cleaning Schedule
- Monthly Date
- Kids Date
- Present with Kids
- Working Out
- Eating on Track
- 75oz water day
- 30 minutes reading a day

January Goal: (yes I know the month is almost over)
- Purge kitchen of stuff we don't use and donate
- Get back into a good school routine for all of us
- Get Austin on a schedule for school
- Start making little changes

What are your goals, intentions, and/or word for 2020? 

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