March Intentions

Hello March. Boy am I happy to see you. This year has been off to a rough start. I am ready for a restart. As a brief recap:
- Austin was really sick for 10 days with 105 fevers
- Audrianna started teething
- Aubriella had some issues of her own we are working on
- Brian dislocated his shoulder and he is unable to pick up or watch Audrianna.
- My mom had two surgeries
- My dad had surgery

I think that sums it up. It has been stressful, lots more on my plate. I finally feel like we are getting to some sort of schedule for myself. 

Lets recap my intentions for 2020

- Use planners/calenders to stay organized
- Purge stuff we don't need/want
- Clean Schedule
- Natural Products
- Monthly Date with Brian
- Monthly Kids Date one on one time
- Be more present
- Be more intentional no scrolling
- Best Version of Me

Taking a look back at February

  • Planners - update to date
  • Purge- Kitchen and my clothes- didnt happen
  • Clean Schedule- keep up with cleaning schedule - just started
  • Natural Products- Finish reading Clean Mama book - done
  • Monthly Date with Brian- Valentines Day - we actually had 3 dates
  • Monthly kids date - Austin and me, Brian and Aubriella - Austin and i yes, Brian and Ella no
  • Be more present- no phones from 4-6 daily didn't do well
  • More Intentional on phone - no phone while putting Audrianna to bed, only kindle to read doing good getting so much more books read. 
  • Best Version of Me- get back to working out back on track

March Intentions
  • Purge - kitchen clothes and bathroom
  • Clean Schedule - print it out and do it
  • Natural Products- print what clean product is for what
  • Monthly Date- Brian
  • Monthly Kids Date
  • Be More Present- no phones in before school
  • More Intention On Phone- Remove apps dont' use
  • Best Version of Me- Focus on nutrition
What are your intentions for March?

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  1. Hearing what other people go through really does put things in perspective. I thought we had a rough month, but wowee. Here's hoping for a better March. Have a great weekend Adrienne!!! xo

    1. Thank you. Minus minor sickness so far this month is going good


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