Mom Life at Home Week 6

We survived, yes survived, another week of staying home. Last week was rough. Ella started e-learning (compared to particle practice) It is overwhelming on everyone learning a whole new system, every day she had a Google Meet that was at least an hour long... I give so much credit to teachers with all the new adjustments. It has been hard on all of us. Trying to get into a new routine has been a little rough but we are making it work. 

Monday April 20

Ella's first day of e-learning and her first Google Meet with her class. Out of 22 students in her normal class 14 showed up which I thought was pretty impressive. Lets notice pjs on the bottom and a regular shirt on top that she put over her night gown. She has since learned that the basement is cold and puts on pants and socks. 

Brian has been working on our bathroom. He finally started drywall and sanding. He was unable to find sanding masks instead he used the mask my mom made him. (it got washed after this)

Ella requested lasagna for dinner. I made a healthier version and it turned out so good. All 5 of us ate it. That NEVER happens. I shared the recipe over on Instagram, heres the direct link

Evening workouts are not my favorite thing. Yesterdays workout did not get done because of a trip to the ER. Today has been hectic with phone calls, virtual doctor appointments, new e-learning with 2 virtual meetings, and getting use to a new schedule. But I NEED a workout. My mind and body are telling me to take this 30 minutes and complete a workout for myself. I LOVE the way I feel after the workout then I will treat myself to a relaxing bath.
It's a new week. The day isn't over yet start it off. The saying is never is a Monday

Tuesday April 21

Tuesday was a very lazy day. Ella got her homework done and we really just chilled the rest of the day. Even Austin crawled into my bed and took a nap, this was after he got yelled at for something.

With everything that is going on, Ohio officially announced schools are closed for the rest of the year. I am happy to be safe at home with the ones I loved. 

Wednesday April 22

Wednesday was Earth Day. I planned a few activities at home, and Austin's preschool also sent some suggestions that included discussing the planet in relation of a 4 year old to somewhat understand. It was a pretty cold day outside so some of my plans like scavenger hunts and a nature walk got put on hold. Instead we planted some flowers in the house that have been sitting around for a while. 

Ella and Austin each did two. Now we wait to see if they are going to grow anything. 

We also made bird feeders. We took circle cereal and struct it on yarn and hung it out for the birds to eat. The birds did not eat it. They are now mush cereal hanging outside.

Thursday April 23

Ella made an insect out of items you find around the house while she was at her dads the night before. It was for "extra" work for school. She also had to make up a story about her bug too. 

Someone is on the move. The child proofing is going to have to start sooner than later. 

“How do you stay motivated”

I dont always want to workout. I cant seem to drag myself out of bed in the morning to get it done but I do manage to get my workout in everyday. I would not say I am motivated. I have gotten into a habit of working out everyday. I mentally and physically need it. I have a WHY for getting it done. I have determination and goals I am working towards.
Come up with a WHY that is going to PUSH YOU to reach your goals.
No one ever says “i shouldnt have worked out today.” You wont regret getting a workout in

Friday April 24

The sun was shining and the kids wanted outside. Ella and Austin were out front riding their bikes and Audrianna wanted to go outside too. I took her outback to swing. She loves swinging.

Austin loves to push Audrianna also. No Austin doesn't always wear his bike helmet when he is outside. He can not put it on or take it off himself so it just stays on until he goes back in the house or he is completely done riding his bike.

Brian got this bright idea to try and get Audrianna to nap in her crib, which isn't a bad idea really. Currently she naps on the couch or in my arms. I tried and it lasted 5 minutes. When she does sleep in her crib she sleeps in a Zip A Dee Dip sleep sack thing. Maybe one day she will be a good sleeper. 

Austin made himself a bed in a box with a pillow and blanket to watch Paw Patrol. I don't know how he was comfortable. 

Saturday April 25

Aren't they cute cuddling together. This was after Audrianna woke up from her first early nap. 

She is on the move again. She wanted to help her dad paint the bathroom. 

Saturday was a very lazy and day for me. I don't think I did anything, besides take care of the kids. Brian did a bunch around the house as well as dropping a bunch of paint of the bathroom floor. Thankfully he was able to clean it up. Audrianna also had a rough day. With her learning to crawl she kept falling and bumping her head.

Brian did make this delicious dinner. Lobster, steak, sweet potato fries, and green beans. I could get use to eating this all the time.

Sunday April 26

Sunday I had another somewhat relaxing day. We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then I ventured out of the house to go to Aldi's for groceries. I got my anxiety so high by reading other people complaining on Facebook about how people aren't wearing masks, only so many people in store at one time, you can only go one way down aisles, peoples aren't staying 6 feet away etc. I dreaded going and was near tears until I talked to my dad who said calm down it isn't that bad. I went and it wasn't that horrible. The store was pretty slow, I made my list in order by the layout of the store. I was in and out and went home to relax.

Dinner Brian made lobster rolls with leftover lobster we had from the night before. 

I did it. I finished a new workout program. 10 rounds was a 6 week program with a different workout each day, 5 days a week, and it flew by. I showed up, was consistent and stayed accountable.
I loved the mix of shadow boxing, cardio, core, and weights. It was the perfect intensity level with the option to kick it up a notch or modify when needed. I loved that I got to punch out my frustrations, with everything going on in the world it has helped so much with my stress and anxiety. I loved that my accountability helped others in my virtual gym to succeed as well.

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