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Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a good Easter. It was very relaxing not doing the house shuffle like normal.  But still miss everyone with this stay at home order and social distancing. However since we are home 24/7 I have gotten into a cleaning routine that works for us.

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January we shared Introductions
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This month we are talking about Cleaning Routine

Since moving into our current house almost 5 years ago I haven't found a cleaning schedule that works for me. I don't know why. I use to blame work, then kids, remodeling but now I have no excuse. Since being home for the past month I have got into a daily cleaning schedule that is working out well. With us all being home my anxiety of clutter has been high. This has helped with keeping a clean house but still having time for everything else and lots of fun. 

Every day I focus on a different room. Some days are quicker than others with my cleaning but I know going into the day to plan ahead. I also don't plan any cleaning for the weekends. It is my catch up days. 

Monday- Bathrooms
Tuesday- Bedrooms
Wednesday- Kitchen 
Thursday- House
Friday- Laundry

What does your cleaning schedule look like?

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  1. I think I'd rather clean everything in one day than spread it across the whole week, but I do like this schedule you made!

    1. I get more stressed and anxious when I try to do everything in one day. Maybe if my kids were older and I wasn't having to keep stopping for one thing or another

  2. I prefer to keep my weekends free of cleaning if I can too, that way I can really enjoy the weekend! I like your little schedule.

    1. No one wants to be cleaning on weekends, even though right now seems like a never ending week

  3. We tend to clean a room or two each day too. I used to clean our last house in one go in one day but found it was impossible when we moved into the house we have now. It was just so much bigger that the task felt overwhelming.

    1. I can see getting overwhelmed with a bigger house. I get overwhelmed thinking of everything i want to do that I don't get anything done

  4. I love your cleaning schedule- so organized! :)


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