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Hey guys. Happy Thursday. I can't believe it is already the end of April. I feel like this month has flown by and also dragged. I am so glad May is almost here and things are starting to go a little back to normal, some people in Ohio can start going back to work and some stores are starting to open. Everything still has lots of restrictions. Little by little I see progress with things switching to a new normal. 

Time for the monthly link up with my girl Ashley. The last Thursday of every month we will be taking a peek at the smaller details in our homes and lives. Who isn't snoopy of how others live. 
Last month we are talking about What's In My Storage Closet
February= What's In My Purse

This month we are taking a look inside our CAR. 

Join us every month as we take a peek into something new. 

Never say never. Before kids I use to say I would never own a mini van. I got a mini van when we started planning for baby #3. I knew that it is hard to go 3 car seats wide in an SUV. I also always have that fear my kids are going to throw the car door open and hit the vehicle next to it. Now we have a mini van with sliding doors and it is wonderful.

I had planned on taking all these pictures after my car got cleaned before we went on vacation. Then Corona came around, vacation got canceled and my car did not get cleaned. Ignore the dirt, crumbs, etc on the ground. 

One thing I love about my van is the store space. We have store and go seating with lots of compartments. When we bought it I watched a lot of youtube videos to get idea of how to organize. This is what is currently working for us. I know with my kids getting older placement and stuff will change. 
I meant to take a lot more photos but was rushing and forgot. 

Center Consule - eye drops, chat stick, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, masks, pens, change, kids sunglasses, phone charger, gum, and dvds. 

Double Glove Box- owners manual, pad of paper, flashlight, coupons for Biggby's, ponytails, headbands, extra sunglasses, napkins, spoon, straw, winter gloves and ear muffs.

Back Seats- Austin sits behind passenger seat, Audrianna behind driver, and Aubriella in the third row. In the stow and go there are extra diapers, wipes, and clothes. There is also a spot that has some suckers, protein bars, and mini trash bags. 

Third row extras- blankets and beach towels. books for the kids

Trunk- reusable bags, first aid kids, extra flip flops, and socks. (I am usually barefoot. I have left my house without shoes before and needed some. I have went on vacation before and forgot shoes, I was like 12)

What do you keep in your car?

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  1. Sometimes I have dreams that I went somewhere and forgot my shoes, but I never did it in real life!

    1. Thats funny you have dreams about forgetting your shoes. Glad it has never really happened to you though.

  2. That's a clean car for someone with 3 kids!!!! It will be so nice to use our cars for fun adventures again... :)

    1. Thank you. I am somewhat of a neat freak when it comes to cleaning stuff.

  3. My son once went to the library without shoes and I wondered how he did that! I always forget my coat though (even in the middle of winter with snow on the ground).


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