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Hey friends. Happy Thursday. I can't believe it is already the third Thursday of the month. With all the chaos right now, most of the time I don't even know what day it is anymore. I have been trying to keep stay consistent with my blogging and calendar to try and more life feel a little normal. 
I am co-hosting a new monthly link up with my girl Ashley. The last Thursday of every month we will be taking a peek at the smaller details in our homes and lives. Who isn't snoopy of how others live. 
Last month we are talking about Whats In My Purse

This month we are taking a look inside our storage closet. 

Join us every month as we take a peek into something new. 

Our house has a lot of storage (minus the kitchen) but it is ackward storage. Like our coat closet isn't deep enough for a normal size hanger to hang a coat. Our attic entrance is a door in our living room with uneven stairs going up. The basement has two storage rooms under the stairs that shelves height don't fit a normal box. We have made due with it for 5 years but I would love to be more organized with our storage. 
I have picked two storage areas to show you today. Mainly because we are in the process of purging, remodeling, cleaning, etc. These were the first two storage areas that I have cleaned. One you can't even walk into everything is just thrown. That is the reality.

Here is our coat closet right behind our front door. As I said it isn't deep enough to put full size hangers unless you go at an angel, which we do for our heavier coats. 

On the top shelf we have a few adult, family, and my old games. I use to also keep all our winter hats, gloves and mitten up there but I just packed them all away to hopefully move. 

In our coat closet is also our mailbox shoot that you can't see. It is behind our vacuum attachments. We have a weird vacuum that is also an air cleaner, doesn't take bags uses water. I am not a big fan of it. I will take my tornado Dirt Devil any day over this thing.

The other side of the closet is shoes that we don't wear very often like boots and my running shoes. 

Now onto one of the storage closets under the stairs. Let me start by saying 99% of this was bought before the whole pandemic and I am not a hoarder. We buy in bulk from Bj's, and Cotsco's so we have larger quantities. 

We keep all the extra toilet paper, napkins, tissues, paper towels, bandaids, toothbrushes, tooth paste, dish soap, mouth wash, hand soap, and sanitizer down there. 

One box is extra hair stuff, lotions, soaps, etc. The other box is all our travel essentials. My travel bag is ready to go with shampoo, conditioner, razors, contact solution, hair stuff etc. (We were getting ready for vacation before all this happened) The two blue totes are the kids car ride fun. We have different activity books, road bingo, crayons, etc.

Hanging up is my extra purses, book bags, diaper bag, soft sided coolers. 

Last is bottle of water, cans of flavored water in the diaper box, all my extra work hair stuff (color bag, cutting bag, and styling bag) 

Now it is your turn. Whats inside your storage closest?

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    1. I never knew it was a thing until we moved into this house. Deeper closets are a must in my next house

  2. What odd shaped storage units! Maybe coat hangers used to be smaller?? We buy in bulk too with 5 of us though I had started getting out of that habit this past year (and now I'm kicking myself for it!). Thankfully we were well stocked on paper goods.


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