Mother's Day in a Pandemic

This past Sunday was Mother's Day. I hope you all had a great Mother's Day. 

We usually host brunch for our families, about 20 people to celebrate. It was different to say the least. We did end up breaking some rules and seeing both sets of parents. We all have our own opinions of what is going on and how to handle situation. We have stayed separated from our families for weeks but we CAN NOT stop living because of this virus. We made a decision for our family. 

Please don't send me or comment any negativity. You live your life and we live our lives. '

In the past 8 weeks Audrianna has learned to crawl and growing up so much, Austin is regressing in his speech, Ella is missing family and friends. Austin asks every day if he can go to grandma's or memaw's house. Audrianna is getting to attached to me I don't get a break. 

Our state is slowing starting to open up. You can go shopping again, salons and restaurants are opening in the next few days. Life is continuing. We can not and will not to trapped in our houses forever. 

Now away from that here is how our Mother's Day went.

Brian let me sleep in. I woke up and went downstairs and got my last workout for week 1 completed before breakfast was done. He asked what I wanted and still choose our normal of pancakes and bacon.

He surprised me with his version of an mocha iced coffee with a kick.

After breakfast we had a little time to relax than we were off to pick up Ella from her dad's at 10am. She had been up since 730 and hadn't had breakfast. Her request was donuts. We drove the 30 minutes to our favorite donut location. They were busy. The line was all outside, people about 6 feet apart. We waited a good 20 minutes then took our donuts home and enjoyed them for lunch (with a salad).

The kids waited until the last minute to make their cards for the grandma's. It was cute that Audrianna crawled in the kids bedroom and pulled herself up on the table to help.

First stop was my parents house to see my mom. We dropped off her hanging basket we got her. The kids ran around the front yard. We ended up inside for a few minutes because it started to rain.

Next stop was to Brian's parents house. As soon as we got there Austin went in the house and started playing with his toys that he missed so so so so much. We didn't stay long because Audrianna screamed the whole time. She was afraid that we were going to leave her there. (this is our struggle that she wont go to anyone else besides me. She even cried when Brian was holding her and I used the bathroom)

For dinner Brian made grilled pork tenderloin, mash potatoes, french bread, and broccoli. For dessert Brian's mom gave us chocolate cake and brownies. 

I ended the night enjoying a nice relaxing bubble bath with a candle and my kindle. 

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