End of the School Year

School is officially out. Yesterday was the official last day. Today is a day of excitement for all of us. Ella is done with 2nd grade. No more online learning, no more fights to do homework, no more zoom calls.... This year has ended far different than anyone expected. That also means our normal end of the year traditions are different too. It is sure to be one we never forget. 

Last week the teachers and staff at Ella's school did a car parade around the neighborhood. They didn't go down our street so we walked to the school to see it. It was the reality that, "this is the last time we are walking to school for Ella" Next year she will ride a bus. (Austin is doing another year of preschool)

It's sad to think she didn't get to experience the 2nd grade clap out, 2nd grade end of the year party. Her teacher didn't get to sign her yearly Dr. Seuss memory book. Ella never got to ride her bike to school and so many other memories. No awards given out. 

Yesterday we picked up Ella's school supplies from her school. It was drive-thru style. We had a set time frame to go for Ella's class, we drove up gave our name, opened the truck, they took our her library books and put in her supplies. We saw her teacher and principle and they said have a good summer. No pictures, no heartfelt talking or memories. 

This online schooling has been a struggle for us. Not that Ella doesn't know what she is doing, some of the work was hard for a 2nd grader to understand (like editing and formatting a google doc.) Ella likes to rush and not always read the directions. She had trouble nagivating between multiple pages and isn't the greatest at typing. We are really hoping school is back to normal next year. Ella needs it. 

Bring on Summer. We are all excited for summer. (even with the restrictions) Later bedtimes, no more school work, hopefully a vacation, lots of time in the pool, family walks, bikes rides, lots of ice cream (for the kids)

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