Friday Favorites

 Happy FRIDAY!!!! I am excited this week is over. It has just be a busy week. I have no real plans this weekend. YAY. Sometimes the best weekends are the ones I get to relax and catch up on Hallmark movies. 

I am back today with some Friday Favorites with  Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

The weather has been rainy and crappy most of the week. It calls for lots of hot chocolate.

~ TWO ~

I have taken over the new kitchen counter with my mobile workspace. In the morning while everyone is asleep I get stuff done in the basement. During the day I bring everything upstairs. I use to sit at the table, but now Audrianna can climb on chairs and wants to sit on the table or hit all the buttons on my laptop. I can also see her sleeping on the couch better than when I was at the table. 


Ella has been asking to play Monopoly for a few weeks now. Brian hates the game. I agreed to play. We have a few different versions of Monopoly. She choose the electronic version. We have it set up in the basement on the air hockey table so we can continue to play and it not get destroyed by a little girl.

~ FOUR ~

I have a cute little shake thief. Everyday she yells until I 

~ FIVE ~

We went to a drive thru Halloween trail. It was really fun. Austin sat on my lap so he could see everything. 

~ SIX ~

Austin made this cute little dude in preschool. He has been taking it everywhere with him and he has to be buckled in the car.

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  1. In our house it's completely reverse; I hate Monopoly but my husband enjoys playing so the boys either play with him or against each other.


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