October Intentions

How the heck is it already October. We all know this year has just been one big blur. Normally our September and October is packed full of pumpkin patches, fall festivals, and all things pumpkin. This year not so much. We are doing a few festive activities but nothing like normal. I don't know if I am enjoying. Things so seem to start to be shifting back to "normal" some and school going back hybrid in 2 weeks. I am excited to see what the month holds. 

With a new month comes new intentions. Lets take a look back at September and see how it went.

September Intentions

  • Decorate for Fall- yes
  • Finish Laundry Room- yes
  • Organize Austin's toys- yes
  • Family walks 3x a week- no
  • Have a movie night- yes
  • Have a weekly game night- yes
  • Ice cream dates- no
  • Mindful Morning 4 days a week- no (some little girl decided to stop sleeping through the night)
  • Complete #mbf in 21 days (2 weeks left) - yes
  • Eat 1 cup of veggies at lunch and dinner - yes
  • Finish Personal Development book - no
  • Finish 2b mindset book- no
  • Read 2 books for me - yes
  • Send out newsletter - no
  • Plan content for rest of the year- no
  • Work on next year collabs- no

  • Share a what i eat day on Instagram and blog - no
  • Make 2 pumpkin recipes- yes
  • Make 1 apple recipe - no
  • Get back into using the crock pot more - yes
  • Make 1 new insta pot recipe - no

Lets be honest I forgot what I put on my September Intentions. This month I am going to post it and cross it off like I use to do. 

October Intentions


  • decorate for Halloween
  • finish kitchen
  • start touching up paint
  • go through Austin's clothes
  • go through Audrianna's clothes


  • Cross things off Fall Bucket List
  • Continue weekly game nights 
  • Take Ella out for her birthday
  • Host a small birthday party for Ella
  • Watch Hocus Pocus
  • Start hybrid resistance training/ running program with Ella
  • celebrate Halloween



  • Send out newsletter
  • Plan content for rest of the year
  • Work on next year collabs


  • make 2 crockpot recipes
  • share 4 recipes
  • teach Ella to make one new thing
Instagram (do you follow me? @momlifewithAdrienne )
  • grow followers by 100   
  • post 1 reel a week
  • share recipe once a week
  • share more tips every week
What are your intentions for October? 

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