December Intentions

I am ready to end 2020 with a bang. It is hard to believe there is only 29 days left in this year. Bring on 2021. I am hoping and praying you are better than 2020. I wish it was magical at the strike of 12 on New Years Eve everything went back to normal. I know that isn't going to happen but we can dream right. 

Each month I have a to do list aka intentions of what I want to achieve. I have them broken down into family, home, me, blog, and instagram. This month I am adding in making my goals known for my health and fitness business as well. 

Look Back at November Intentions

  • Make Christmas lists- yes
  • start Christmas shopping- yes
  • host friendsgiving- yes you can read about it here
  • design Christmas cards- yes
  • make Elf on the shelf calendar - yes
  • make Christmas Bucket List- yes (sharing soon)
  • Make winter bucket list (sharing soon)
  • finish Fall bucket list  - yes 
  • decorate for Christmas - yes
  • deep clean house before decorate - somewhat
  • finish kitchen -no but more is done
  • toy purge - yes
  • end the night with no dishes in the sink - yes. This is has made a huge difference in my attitude when i walk into the kitchen in the morning and the sink is empty


  • get more organized with blog schedule - yes
  • start planning recipe posts - yes
  • Start pinning posts - yes
  • plan more posts further ahead instead of waiting until the last minute- yes
  • pitch to 1 brand - yes 
  • drink 80 oz of water - yes new cup makes a huge difference
  • eat 2 cups of veggies a day - no
  • read 4 books - yes
  • start new devotional - yes
  • grow by 100 followers - no instagram has issues
  • post 1 reel a week - yes
  • share recipe a week - no
  • share tip tuesday - no
  • share Friday Favorites- no 

December Intentions

  • Watch lots of Christmas movies
  • Date night for Brian's Birthday
  • Enjoy the holidays
  • Get back into a cleaning routine with the kids helping
  • Do one Christmas activity a week 
  • Finish Christmas Shopping
  • Read Christmas Advent Book each day
  • Mail Christmas Cards
  • Finish Kitchen
  • Finish Stairs
  • Organize Christmas decorations when we put away
  • Drink 80 oz of water a day
  • Complete Transform 20
  • Read 4 books
  • Participate in Virtual Gym Burpee Challenge every day
  • Start planning 2021 goals/intentions/word 
  • Start deleting/organizing pictures on my phone
  • Have posts ready a week in advance minus recaps and Friday Favorites
  • Start Planning 2021 posts
  • Work on January content
  • Work on January recipes
  • Send you newsletter (want signed up for the newsletter the sign up is at the bottom of todays post) 
  • Post 1 reel a day of elf on the shelf
  • share more everyday life on stories
  • share 1 recipe a week
  • Grow my following by 25 (being realistic with algorithium being funny)
Health and Fitness Business
  • Help 3 women on their health and fitness
  • Host 12 days of Fitmas challenge on FB for anyone interested
  • Enroll 1 lady to start her health and fitness business
What are your goals for December?

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