This year has sucked, there is no better way to say it. For many of us we have not been able to see friends, see family, have play dates, missing out on parties, and so much more. When Covid started back in March no one would have guess it would still be going on 9 months later. Now they are talking this will continue until late summer of 2020. Bring on the tears because I don't know if I can mentally handle this. I also never thought I would have lasted 9 months already. We will get through it.

My girlfriends and I went back and forth this year on if we were going to have Friendsgiving. After much evaluating and talking we determined to we all have been safe, following rules, and not at risk of being by anyone with Covid. The day actually turned out to be gorgeous weather in the upper 60's. We decided to move the gathering outside. It was also deteremined that I would make everything, so food wasn't coming from different houses, and the prepacked stuff someone else would bring (corn, dessert, rolls).

Based on everyone's schedule we planned Friendsgiving for the first weekend in November. Saturday morning I cleaned up the house and started turkey in the roaster. 

I had some shopping to do. While I was out shopping I received some messages from my friends who were now backing out at the last minute. I was sad and hurt by this as they seemed like bogus reasons, which were not Covid related. Since everything was cooking I still did my Friendsgiving with just my sister and her daughter

The kids didn't care that it was only the 4 of them (Audrianna not pictured) and not the originally plan of 8 kids. 

The food turkey out good and we still enjoyed ourselves. 

I ended up making dessert at the last minute since one of the girls who backed out was suppose to be brining pie. I made a pumpkin coffee cake, I just so happened to have everything on hand. It turned out so good, even my kids liked it. 

Even though the day didn't go as planned. We still had a good time, enjoyed some delicious food, the kids behaved, and I have lots of leftover turkey to try more recipes with. 

You can read about our past Friendsgiving also. 

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We did host Friendsgiving in 2019 but didn't blog about it. 

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