Monthly Wellness- March

It's that time again to take a look back at our health and wellness from the past month. My month started off great and then went down hill. I know what happened and I will talk about that but first I was to talk about a comment a follower said on Instagram. 

Someone recently said to me "Stop working out and go play with your kids." Thanks for your concern that I am not playing with my kids but in reality I am. As parents we should never have to explain our reasons. What you see most times on social media is a highlight reel. No I don't show that I am sitting on the ground playing with blocks, coloring, running around outside, going on bike rides, chasing Audrianna through the neighbors yards, curled up reading everyday, etc. Just as I don't show every time I go to the bathroom, change Audrianna's diaper, or give baths. Those are the moments I am focused on my kids and not on my phone. 

You are important. Taking care of yourself is important. Being a positive example for your kids is important. If your kids only see you sitting on the couch watching tv, playing on your phone, eating a tub of ice cream, etc they will do the same. Now if your kids see you eating a chicken stir fry with all the veggies, reading a book, moving your body and getting exercise, they will more likely to follow your positive example. 

Let's do a little story time. Gosh 7 years ago or so I was on a walk around the block with Aubriella, she was probably about 2. We were about 10 houses from home and she decides she is going to run and not look back. Thankfully she stayed on the sidewalk and there were no cars around. I chased after her but could not catch her. I was out of breath and scared. She stopped when she got to our yard. That was my big turning point of focusing on my own health and fitness journey. That night is when I ordered my first workout program and started doing it. 

Flash forward to Monday. We went for a family walk. Ella and Austin wanted to have a race to the next big tree. They took off. I not only caught up to them, but I also passed them. Tuesday Ella and Austin wanted to play tag. I was able to tag them both no problem. (Yes I did let them win some too). I am not saying this to brag. I am sharing this to show one reason for me that being healthy, and being active is important as a mom. I no longer have that fear of not being able to catch my kids because I know I can. But also I can go outside and play with my kids and run around. I don't have to say "Mommy can't chase you" or "Mommy is to tired". Austin came home from school yesterday and asked if we could play tag again, "Yes Bud I would love to play tag with you again." This is a big non scale victory for me and is so important to me.

~ Nutrition ~

I have gotten away from the containers I was using and I am ok with that. I am really focusing on using food as fuel and nutrients that my body needs compared to limiting what I am eating based on the containers. 

Lets have another quick story time. I have 3 unopened boxes of Girl Scouts cookies sitting in my kitchen, and 3 boxes of oreos (thats another story). A year ago, even a few months ago those would not have lasted long. They would be calling my name, screaming it. Now I am not craving them. I am not depriving myself from them either. This I see as another non scale victory.

~ Water ~

For the most part of the month I have done really well on my water in take. This past week I went down hill on drinking enough water. I received a new water bottle that can in a package I purchased from The Be Brand supporting International Women's Day. I started using this water bottle over the weekend. Yesterday I really started focusing on my water intake again. Some times you just need to switch up your cups for some excitement. 

~ Movement/Fitness

On March 14th I finished 9 week Control Freak. I loved the program. Saw awesome results that goes beyond a before and after picture. There is so much more than just the way you look. A before and after is just one way to see progress. That is only one small way there can be a difference in so many other ways.

I am focusing on my whole health, not just a photo. I don't want to be miserable in the body I am in. I want to be a positive example for my kids. I want to live a healthy lifestyle, not a restricted diet. I don't want "good foods and bad foods." I want to enjoy my life, get good sleep, have good posture, I want to feel great. I want food freedom.
Before I started my journey, really focusing on my health, nutrition, mindset, and movement, I was sluggish, always tired, rundown, achy all the time, my back bothered me more days than not, and I was getting into a negative Nancy mindset.
Since really focusing on myself, to be better for me and my family.
I have more energy, I am motivated, less stressed, I am seeing muscle definition in my arms, back and shoulders. My back is not bothering me everyday anymore. I am in a good mindset, positive, happy, and finding joy.
I am using tools to help me have a healthy active lifestyle. It isn't about working out for hours a day, or cutting out food groups. I know that wouldn't be sustainable. I have kids that limit how much time I can workout, I enjoy a glass of wine and pizza. I am taking control of the controllable.
I just finished a 9 week program, it may have taken me 10 weeks but that's how life goes sometimes. The number on the scale did go down by about 7 pounds. I did lose over 2 inches in just my stomach alone. I am lifting heavier, sleeping better, and in a better mood.

I haven't pressed play on a Beachbody workout in over a week. I have been doing pilates workouts to help strength my core and I have also been outside running around with the kids pretty much everyday. So have I been working out, not exactly. Have I been active and getting movement in my body, yes and that is what is more important. I will be coming up with a workout calendar for myself to do to get back into a routine, which is what I want. I know I have more energy when I am working out and I still have goals.

~ Mind ~

Currently I am reading Strong devotional  I started a bible study with James. I am reading two different mom/women devotionals as well. I am also still reading for fun and doing a personal growth book. 

This past week has been mentally hard on me. I have been dealing with a situation that I was blind sided by and effects the future. I have gotten in my head a lot with the situation of how I should handle it, what I should have done differently etc. You can't change the past, you can't change other peoples reactions, and there is two sides to every story. Beyond that "hurt people, hurt people" Things that have been said and done to me are coming from someone who needs to work on themselves, instead they are outwardly attacking other people and I was the unlucky one in the line of fire. I am being the bigger person and stepping away, not reacting to the hash outs and moving on. 

What are you doing for your personal wellness? Do you workout regularly? Have a routine?

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