Let's Look- Fridge and Pantry

Hey loves. Am I the only one that is snoopy inside of peoples houses? I love to see how people organize their space, especially their fridge and pantry. I have dreams of a pantry with no boxes just all clear containers, everything has a space, storage for all my large appliances (kitchaid, air fryer) One day I will have that. For now I am just thankful to have a pantry. Today "Let's Look" inside our fridge and pantry with Erika and Shay.

I have shared a look into my fridge and pantry a few times. My most recent one was May 2020
 all about my pantry and my dislike of it. I still haven't done anything to change it. I just keep hoping that Brian comes home one day and says we are moving. 

Now my fridge. I am still not a huge fan of having a freezer drawer. I think I want a side by side. We do have a large deep freezer in our basement where we keep most of our frozen food. With the deep freezer I do seem to stay more organized, and I also have a running inventory list that helps so I am not digging through the freezers. 

The top drawer is in two sections. one section is suppose to be the ice cube maker, which has never been hooked up so we have our own ice cube trays that the kids love, ice packs for school and on the go, and steel ice cubes for Brian's adult beverages. The other side of the top drawer is breakfast foods (waffles, bacon, sausage, hash browns) and ice cream. 

The bottom drawer is also two sections. The smaller section on the right is frozen fruit, beer mugs, frozen bananas, and leftover tomato pasta odds and ends. The larger section has the meat for this weeks dinners, some quick lunches for the kids, frozen pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce, and some frozen veggies. The large container is frozen berries that I need to make jelly with. (adding to my to do list for the week)

Now the fridge. Where to start. I just to stay organized with everything and have a place for it. That way I am not searching for something, and I can tell the kids where to find something. 

Top left- butter cream cheese, tubes of dough/biscuits. leftovers
Top right- eggs and leftovers
Second down left- veggies prepped
Second down right- fruit prepped
Drawer- lunch meat, pepperoni, cheese
Bottom shelf container- snacks for the kids and Ellas lunches- applesauce, fruit pouches, yogurt, string cheese, cheese sticks, smoothies
Next to container- leftover coffee, homemade jelly, yogurt, and syrup, kids drinks
Big section- cold water, Brian's beer, usually a chicken stock, egg whites, etc and overflow of leftovers.
Left drawer- veggies and salad
right drawer- fruit, and chocolate

We have a lot of condiments. Brian uses a lot of them. 

What does your fridge look like? Do you try to stay organized?

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  1. I do try to keep it organized but I find the fridge is much harder to keep organized as foods move in and out of it more quickly than the pantry goods (at least it seems that way!).


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