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How is it already the last Thursday of the month. I can't believe that summer is almost here. I am ready for the crazy to calm down and some relaxation and new schedules to start.

Time for the monthly link up with my girl Ashley. The last Thursday of every month we will be taking a peek at the smaller details in our homes and lives. Who isn't snoopy of how others lives. 

February= What's In My Purse

This month we are taking a look inside our Pantry. 

Join us every month as we take a peek into something new. 


I hate my pantry. It is small, not organized well. I want to redo the whole thing, add shelves, change the lock etc. Maybe after we are finished with all the other home projects I will just do it. 
I actually shared about my pantry back in April 2019. Nothing has changed minus it is a huge mess right now. We were given two huge boxes of canned goods from a local church due to the Covid- 19 and Brian being an essential worker but lost a lot of business due to everything going on. (He is a real estate agent). There isn't enough room, plus we have more food stored in the basement. 
Here is what is looks like last year:

The small door on the right is our pantry, right next to our side door to the house. We previously never used that door but have been using it a lot more the last few months. The other doors in the house seem to wake the baby up.

Our pantry is down a few stairs from the kitchen. 

The door of the pantry has most of our canned goods, and odds and ends like sandwich bags and foil. (Right now has a lot more cans stacked that keep falling)

The top shelf has baking supplies, paper plates, crackers, and Brian and my lunch boxes. (the lunch boxes are no longer there.). The next shelf is cereals, pancake mix, oatmeal, syrup, pasta, quinoa, rice, and potatoes. I also hang odds and ends in plastic freeze bags like chewy bars. (no longer hang bags, chewy bars are in a basket in the kitchen)

The next shelf down has pasta sauces, extras like jelly and salsa, boxed soups, and more canned goods. (this shelf is a complete mess currently and overflowing)
The bottom two shelves/floor are containers with baking supplies, vinegars, chicken stock, etc. 

Let's Look at our Pantries! | Mix and Match Mama

I dream of a large pantry that is organized with a counter for my blender and KitchenAid mixer. (image found on Pinterest)

What is in your dream pantry.

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  1. I dream of beautifully organized pantries too.

  2. I think everyone secretly wishes they had a big glorious pantry! I dream of it too, but I know realistically I probably wont get it. I will just be happy with a big kitchen with lots of cabinets! I like your over the door organizer for the cans- that's a great use of space!

    1. I dream of a big kitchen too. That is a requirement in our next house.

  3. I definitely find that we have far more food nowadays in our pantry than ever before. I actually feel a little stressed out trying to make sure we are eating everything-- fresh foods, canned/boxed items, frozen foods, etc. before anything expires. I hate food waste and normally know exactly what I have on hand but it's been such random shopping these past few months that I really am having a hard time keeping track.

    1. you're not the only one stressed about all the food. We dont normally eat canned veggies, I prefer fresh but since we were given a bunch i feel obligated to eat them.


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