Monthly Wellness- April

Another month working towards being the "best version of myself". Now what does that really mean? To me, right now it means living my life for myself, focusing on joy, being active, spending  quality time with my family, and not stressing over things that are out of my control. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep, drinking 80oz of water a day, eating to fuel my body while still enjoying chocolate, coffee and a drink occasionally.  

April hasn't been perfect. It hasn't gone as planned. When really does anything go as planned, especially as a stay at home mom of 3. Audrianna hit a sleep regression, we went on vacation, and there has been Easter candy in the house. 

~ Nutrition ~

Minus all the Easter candy, I had had lots of veggies. I have been focusing on eating less processed foods. I am surprised how much better I am feeling with eating more veggies again. Sometimes just little changes make a big difference. 

~ Water ~

Doing a lot better this month with drinking my water. Having fun water bottles around me has helped and adding different flavors too. 

~ Movement / Fitness ~

I started a new dance inspired workout program that I am loving. You can find out about the program HERE. It is a 30 day program but no where does it ever say it has to be 30 days in a row. Sometimes mom life happens and it doesn't get done. So what if it takes me 40 days, that's fine. Doing something is better than doing nothing. 

~ Mind ~

The last few weeks my mind hasn't been in the right place. A lot has been happening out of my control and some within my control that I have choose to not make a priority. This week I have gotten back into devotions, bible study, and prayer. I am also digging into a new personal development book. All has helped to put my mind in a better spot. 
I also have started making a daily to do list. I include what MUST be done and other things I would like to get done. I set myself a timer of when things need done by and if it isn't done by a certain time it isn't getting done. This has also helped me be more present with my kids.
I was just thinking the weather this month has also been off, as in last week we got snow, the days have been dreary. This week the sun is shining, we are getting outside more, and that always puts me in a better mood too.  

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